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  1. Update On Beani

  2. Trouble Posting

    We don't plan on it.
  3. I moved this topic here because it definitely did not belong in the livestock section of the buy and sell.
  4. Trouble Posting

    Fixed. His account wasn't manually validated yet. We do that to stop spam on the site. He is good to go now.
  5. Trouble Posting

    Is he trying to start a thread in the buy and sell? If not P.M. me his name on here and i'll see what i can figure out.
  6. Nano Reef

    Oh and i mounted my heater in the refugium as well.
  7. Nano Reef

    Millions of people have tanks with no skimmer or filters. I'am one of them....although i am using a old AC500 as a refugium with alittle live rock and Cheato algea in it. I also have 2 power heads, 1 tunze 6025 and 1 Vortech MP10 wES All you need is about 10-15 lbs of live rock and live sand and plenty of water movement....and keep up on the water changes. It's only as complicated as you want it too be. I would only go with 1 or 2 small fish with a shrimp or 2, and the clean up crew of snails and crabs. I have allitte bit of Marco rock if you decide to set it up...it's dry but just seed it with some Live rock and its good to go.
  8. Phewww. Finally they are on our side.
  9. Ok good, cause you don't want me fiddling with the wires in the back here. LOL
  10. Need Help Identifying-Blob Anemone?

    Thats horrible. You should have told them a month and it would be stable. Then torn the tank down and started over properly. You did your best and i'm sure i'm not the only one who is proud of your efforts.
  11. Native Fish?

    They even frequent our board from time to time. I would love to have a Perch tank, but it's not worth the problems.
  12. New Edmonton Member

    Welcome to our forum, and thank Henry for me for the referral next time you see him. We appreciate it. :thumbs:
  13. I'm Not Receiving Notifications?

    No problem at all. :beer:
  14. 20 Year Old Hobbyist!

    Yes lets see some pics. Maybe a DIY article. I always wanted to try this, mabey i'll get around to it this time.
  15. Yet Another New Calgarian Member...

    Nice to have you here Russ.