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  1. Blue Snakeskin Discus ( FEELER )

    how about half of what you paid for them when you first got them? Or half of what the store sells them for?
  2. Spelling / readability

    I don't have it either.
  3. Good Job. I think it looks much better and deals with the issues at hand. Thank you Jen
  4. People could always edit original thread and leave price changes and such in there first post. Then leave the other post for bumping instead of posting their changes of price or sold items. That way things are easier to find. People are going to bump things. If you post something and things are still available thing get lost and a lot of times people aren't going to search threw pages and pages of stuff for sale, so bumping is needed, but not daily...
  5. I think to the point of breeding groups. Once they are proven and are known to produce babies. Every person on this site does ask more for them and people are willing to pay. It's is easier for everyone to purchase 2 fish for a cost then to purchase 6-8 of a species and raise them up to find out you got all males or females. That's the way it works. I would always be willing to pay for more for a proven pair.
  6. New Red Deer enthusiast

    Welcome. As for small tanks. Pm me. i am in red deer and i am sure i can help you out a little bit.
  7. Any idea on age?

    My Pseudotropheus demasoni just were moved into a larger home. I had never seen any sign of breeding, until we moved them 3 weeks ago. Any ways sitting and glancing over at the tank. I notice something moving on the filter thinking it was probably hair or something from my last water change. It turned out to be a little baby. Completely shocked cause they never seen anyone holding. watching cause i knew their behaviour changed. But i was under the impression the held for like 25-30 and wouldn't eat in that time. Any ways i have never breed any fish like this so i have no idea how to guess how old the baby is, so i know if it's worth it to go through the tank and look for more. Can anyone give me any guesses??
  8. Any idea on age?

    nope no blue yet. Just stripes and a big full belly. I haven't been able to find anymore or notice anymore showing signs of breeding or holding. And its hard to get a picture cause the little guy hides behind everything lol. These guys are fast i count them all when they come out to eat but they are in and out so fast its hard to see if they are eating or not. So i will wait it out and keep a better eye out on when they are holding or not. Thanks for all the help
  9. Any idea on age?

    i will get some pictures of it against something small to compare size. I have been looking still, without any signs of anymore.
  10. Any idea on age?

    so then your suggestion is theres still a good chance there are more? Say it is a week or two old also, what chance do you think there would be more in there?? It has lots of rocks and hiding places. Like within the rocks there are holes?
  11. Lamprologus ornatipinnis babies!

    congrats Wendy. Very exciting. Just a note on my experiance. When the parents move to a different shell and you think the baby's are gone. They aren't. The parents will move the young to different shells for different stages. When i saw my first batch of fry. I kept thinking they were gone. Until now the tank is has many different sizes.
  12. Green Terrors with babies

    i missed this post. Looks like even more now that they are free swimming. I still cant get over how pretty he is. Good luck with the babies.
  13. Time

    Mine is normal time to. I find that when your not logged in it the time says its an hour behind.
  14. heavily planted 33g stocking question

    I think it would be fine. Are you planning on sticking the red tiger discus in there too? I've read the more the better. And if water is better then the 80, i would stick them in there anyways. Just test it out and see how they do. And its true about 1 single discus needing 10gallons per fish, so three in 33 gallon is fine also. Some discus will grow to 8-9 inches.
  15. heavily planted 33g stocking question

    How big are the discus?
  16. New member of our family...

    This is our newly adopted puppy. Just thought i would share
  17. New member of our family...

    Yes she is, but it's worth it. Her name is Tia , my youngest named her cause she was partially a birthday present for him. And he loves his animals so much. He's three and he take her out to the bathroom on his own, feeds her. We adopted her from animal rescue center here in Red Deer.
  18. New member of our family...

    he is a she, shes a Husky. Just 8 weeks old.
  19. 20 Gallon shellie tank in progress

    so pretty... :drool: :drool: I love them. Nice pick
  20. My tanks

    nice tanks
  21. go to www.photobucket.com or another photo hosting site. Upload all your pictures on there. then post them image code in here.
  22. Super Melon Discus fry!

    Very exciting feeling. Congrats and goodluck.
  23. is that because there is no hiding places?
  24. ive seen them in pet stores have them in a tank with just a piece of driftwood where one will only be able to really hide. I think they would prefer their own hiding places. Mine share the inside of a hollow castle
  25. No , a catfish doesn't eat algea but does bottem feed. depending on what you want it for. Catfish come out at night. And have spikes and stuff to protect themselves. So i think it would be fine to turn the lights off. But give the catfish someplace to hide during the day and night.