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  1. Sand

    Thanks sounds like it's pretty safe. The Sand is a Tan color with specs of some other colour in it as far as I can tell. I've worked with Sandblasting sand before would it not be too fine? Maybe you can buy different grades. Also it worried me a bit cause doesn't it contain additives? I'll look in to the pool sand thing. Not sure though. At least the "play sand" supposedly has removed the fine particles that can be inhaled and cause damage removed. Also this so-called "Cichlid Sand" they sell at BigAl's does it come directly from Africa or is it just simulated? Yes I will definetly rinse anything after the last gravel I put in from LFS. I pulled fine sediment out for months after not rising it first. arrg lesson learned.
  2. Sand

    Question! I want to setup and Mbuna species tank with sandy bottom and rocks etc. Aquarium sand is quite expensive. Can I buy Home depot play sand and just rinse it before using it. The home depot said that it's all safe and already washed of harmful stuff and says its safe to use for aquariums and terrariums. I know the play sand won't look as nice but it could save me alot by using play sand. Any thoughts on this topic. Thanks
  3. How Do I Move Salt Set-Up?

    I moved a 230 Gallon Salt setup all in one day. Took 14 hours but we did it and no casualties I might add. Get some large rubbermaids for Live rock and Fish and Corals. Catch them all after about draining half the water and filling rubbermaids about 3/4 full. Put fish in one with some rock,Coral in another depending on how many you have might need more than one. Throw a heater and airstone in each bucket with livestock or corals and concentrate on draining rest of water. I agree with others we kept all sand in buckets, dust pan works good at getting out sand we also left some water in buckets with Sand so it didn't dry out. Keep your live rock wet with water from old tank. Salt buckets work great cause they can seal properly. Disconnect everything move it and set it up. If you can keep all the water great but doing a 25-30% change at the same time as moving is ok. Everyone has there own techniques I guess. cheers
  4. Phyto Culturing

    I bought a bag of live phyto to start with then went from there. Then I'll split cultures and try not to cross contaminate.
  5. I just started setting up a phyto system to culture phyto and then reef Pods. Anybody else done this yet tell about your system to compare to mine!!
  6. Green Hair Algae

    Well I have about 70lbs of Live rock in 55 Gallon corner tank which is lots I think I hardly got any sand bed left for corals. I have cut back on feedings but then the fish start stealing from my corals, arrg. I just put some Phosphate remover in my canister to see if that helps especially with Cyano, also picked up a ladder glider to turn the sand. although he likes to dig holes under my corals to hide and disrupts them. I have a powersweep as well as XP2 to move the water around it's quite breezy in there.
  7. Green Hair Algae

    I wonder if nice corals or plants live in those fast moving streams???
  8. Green Hair Algae

    Running a Rena XP2, Bulb is about 5 months old, Metal Halide,Calcium and KH is at appropriate levels, PH a little low around 8.1, acouple turbos,a nessarius, hermits, got a powersweep in tank also along with XP2, Feed once a day, I probly do feed more than I should, with mysis and brine. The skimmer I have is plenty large enough for this size tank I think plus it has a surface basket to help.
  9. Well my tank been running for almost a year now and the Green hair algae just keeps coming back, I had a Sea hare in my tank which helps tremedously but he has seemed to disapear. I also have a foxface to keep it down as well. I'm thinking I need to run some sort of Phosphate remover, I have a Red Sea Skimmer it's a 55 gallon with a canister filter I also run Carbon and Chemipure. I do about 10-15% changes weekly. I do not use RO water and have heard that even people who run RO still have algae problems. Any suggestions??? Also have Cyano but I treating with Red Slime control. I have Corals (Open Brain,Elegant,Leather Anenome,Crocea Clam,Frogspawn,SunCoral) so turning off lights is out of question. Any ideas for me????
  10. My Red Peacock Croaked

    Well I never spray anything near the tank and never use anything but water on the glass. I always run carbon and do 20% changes per week. I suspect that either he smacked his head real hard on something or he maybe had a stoke or heartattack or something of that kind. It may also be line breeding that weakens the Fish to certain things.
  11. Clownfish Questions

    My Occelaris Clowns ignored my Leather Anenome and my large Frog Spawn for 4 months until I added a Foxface then suddenly the Wild caught Clown taught the Captive bred Clown to use the anenome now it's their home it looks awesome. I agree that Clowns will host in many diffrent Things, Anenome's are a bit trickier but I think they are great. I have a question My Frogspawn is super huge can I frag it somehow without killing it????
  12. Open Brain Question?

    Finally this morning before Light went on when it was kinda puffy I put a couple of mysis shrimps in the Brain, Watched it for about 5minutes it finally started to close up on it, then the sweepers came out Sweet. I think I got it now, feeding fish first is not an option cause they won't eat at night in dark and Brain won't eat during day. Thanks for all the input
  13. Open Brain Question?

    Well putting Shrimp or food in the brain after pumps are turned off sounds good but my fish always get to it long before my brain could ever grab it. mmmm I guess I'll keep trying.
  14. My Red Peacock Croaked

    Well I'm going to get a friend to do an Autopsy on him if I can to see if he can discover what happenned, I think it's probly due to overbreeding in captivity and bad genetics.
  15. How do I get my Red Open Brain's Sweeper tentacles to come out? It pufffs up when the lights go out at night but I have only once in 3 months seen the tentacles to feed some mysis. Is my brain likely to die if I don't feed soon? It seems to be growing in size but it seems to never eat! Is it filter feeding? Is it feeding at night when I sleep? I dose with reef Roids twice a week in my tank. No water chemistry issues Alk & Calcium as well as PH all good. Any thoughts anyone I don't want my brain to die one day!