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    I am mostly interested in South American Dwarf Cichlids, but enjoy other fish as well. I thought the name Sam Chicklets was kind of a clever spin on wordplay Sam meaning S.Am. and Chicklets is how Cichlids is most commonly mispronounced. I can be a bit of a smart @$$ LOL.
  1. Does anyone else name their fish?

    Pike cichlid named Lightning
  2. Tank Of Death ?

    On a note of looking at all angles it may have been the wrong silicone by the person that built the tank. You could be gettting toxic effects from the seems themselves.
  3. Hello Everyone!-Cichlid Rescue

    She is an awesome looking severum and will be going to my son in laws 125 gallon tank for his birthday. Thank you for contacting me.
  4. Random Fw And Sw Pics

    Nice geo. exactly what is it?
  5. Location

    It's been an ongoing problem for the staff of AA to get people to post a location in the buy and sell. So a decision was made after a discussion that there will be no more notices or warnings on the subject, your post will simply be removed without notice. Also if your location is not updated on your profile please do so as this also works as a location on your ads. Thanx for your co-operation from the staff of Alberta Aquatica
  6. Angels Breeding

    I've had marble Koi turn into hells angelson their first spawn and wild caught that never did get it right. Also a wild male and a black female that caught on on their second spawn. It's all a matter of instinct I would guess.
  7. Krazy glue

    I've read about people using crazy glue to stick frags together in their reef tanks. They don't mention any specific brands.
  8. Saskatoon show

  9. Weird stuff

    We are looking into it.
  10. Driftwood

    In all likelihood you would have a Manitoba Maple. And although it's classed as a hardwood it is fairly soft like Poplars are.
  11. 180 gallon tank repair.

    In the past I have used wedges to pull open the joint as i am cutting it. If you can get the guitar string in a few inchs you should be able to start a thin wedge above it. the second option is to take a glass cutter and score the broken panel in several places and use a hammer to create controlled cracks so you can actualy start pulling the glass outward.
  12. Which Air Pump?

    Most small air pumps start out quiet, but after a while they start to wear and get noisier. Spend a little more on a quality brand and it will last longer. This is what my experience is with them.
  13. R.i.p. Rip

    sorry to hear as well. Where did he come from? He was from Nicaragua
  14. R.i.p. Rip

    Rip will be fondly remembered for his antics. He passed away some time today I was away from Saturday morning and got back late yesterday but did not check on the fish until this afternoon as I had to be at work at 4 am. I found a kink in the hose on his canister filter that reduced the flow to a trickle. He was quite a character wanting to be hand fed and periodicly lunging at me, and yes it did hurt when he bit. Anyway Rip you were the most amazing fish I have ever known. At 13" you were a genuine brute. Farewell my friend.
  15. Never had an issue with Excel although it does kill valisnaria if you use too much.