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  1. T5Ho Light Not Working - Replacement Help

    Did you contact the Amazon seller for a refund or replacement?
  2. Fish Dying

    This is the reason one should always quarantine fish before adding them to your main tank. May take a little room but in the long run it is better to treat them if needed in a smaller tank then spend major money on meds for a large tank. I learned my lesson the hard way and now quarantine all fish no matter the source for up to 6 weeks- sometimes even longer but that is usually overkill. You can observe them better then in a large tank and can spot problems early. I just bought 15 ember tetras in early July from Big Als but in Edmonton. None have died and they will stay in their quarantine for a while yet as they are young. I have found that liverbearers tend to get sick fairly easily and they are not long lifed fish to begin with. Worms, ich, stress ... can make them drop like flies. I once lost all my black guppies in one tank as it had ich- they got stressed and even with meds and heat treatments they all died. The ember tetras and cories with them didn't even get a spot, Good luck with your tank. may it get better soon.
  3. Hello From Saskatchewan

    HI welcome, you are most likely getting that message because you have not posted 5 posts elsewhere on the site. The site makes it this way so that people don't only use the classified area only and are part of the forum. Hope that helps.
  4. Hi From Vancouver!

    Welcome and I have to say I love your shrimp and that tank is beautiful!
  5. Downtime

    We all know you have a life. When AA went down from October 29- ~November 9, it was a shock as it is a very dependable website. You do go through a period of fish post withdrawal. PM and posting was totally down. Glad that you have a email that we can reach you at if something happens. Thanks for keeping our fish forum active and running. :thumbs:
  6. Rip My Well Travelled Cory..

    Sorry for your fishy loss. :cry: I just lost a panda cory tonight also, so maybe they are in heaven swimming together.
  7. Saying Hi!

    Welcome :welcome: Always nice to see new people join the site.
  8. Corydora Duplicareus Eggs

    Hi to anyone who has breed corydora duplicareus how many eggs do they lay at one time? My 5 have been breeding regularly since Christmas and now have 5 fry of varying ages. So was wondering how many they lay. I know that bronze and peppered lay huge amounts in large grouping and pandas lay one at a time and it it is likely so do the duplicarus. They are in a tank by themselves with huge clumps of java moss. Thanks.
  9. Corydora Duplicareus Eggs

    You could just concede the cories to me at the auction. :boxer: They want to come home with me! LOL :rofl: :heart: You could try cichlids-I have smaller tanks so no cichlids for me.
  10. Corydora Duplicareus Eggs

    Yes there is a superguppygirl. I am the original Guppygirl! It can get confusing as we both love cories. So far my duplicareus have given me 5+ fry they are so so so cute. Now my bronze are breeding too, will see if any survive.
  11. Corydora Duplicareus Eggs

    Thanks for the info. I am just glad they are happy and breeding again. Any fry are a big bonus. They were in a 20 long planted and were not happy and they kept dying one at a time, lost 5. As a last ditch effort put them in a 10 gallon with java moss and now I have fry. So maybe the adults are having a snack but some stay hidden to hatch.
  12. Hello!

    Hi welcome to the forum. :welcome:
  13. New Rams

    What are your tank numbers for your ram tank. I got some gold rams also at the auction, but mine are still quite young. I would eventually like to breed them if I have a male and female- I am not sure.
  14. Auction Time!

    Was wondering if anyone knew of who was the seller of the gold rams. Their id was 272-14 on my bag of rams. Don't even know if they are part of the forum. Was wondering what they were being fed? I don't really want to change their diet too much if possible. They are very nice, but young and I want to keep them alive.
  15. Auction Time!

    I came home with plant, plants and more plants. Just what I wanted. Also came home with gold rams, guppies, sterbai and trill cories and the blue tetras. Tanks and filters and mags can't ever have enough. Thanks to everyone involved for putting on the auction. :bow: Until the next one, will be saving my money.
  16. Fall Auction?

    Also if you like an item you can bump it, for I think a $2 fee, and it will become one of the next things auctioned.
  17. Suicidal Bn Plecos

    Has anyone ever had suicidal bn plecos? I bought 3 1" bn at the auction on Sunday. They were healthy and active. Yesterday night noticed that I could only see 1. They are in a 10 gallon tank with some ember tetras with some hiding spots, flipped all them over-no bn-where were they. One guess-- the filter, there were 2 in the filter-one dead the other playing chicken with the impeller. Fished him/her out and back into the tank with the other one. I even put a sponge on the filter intake. The water level is a good 1+ below the water outtake. One ugly guess what happen in the night the other two decided to do the same thing and with the same results this morning. One dead and the other playing chicken. So now down to one. I am sad. :cry: :cry: I have raised over 100+ bn before and never had any do the filter suicide-what is up with these 3? :eh: :well: :well: I didn't realize that bn could jump? The sole survivor is now living in a plastic breeder until I can figure out how to keep him out of the filter, maybe a piece of plastic mesh across the outflow so it can't get into the filter????
  18. Corydoras, Eggs, Fry And A Rainbow!

    Yes they are peppered corys (corydora paleatus). It is so fun to discover eggs and then have them hatch and survive. Good luck with your little ones. Very nice adults.
  19. D'oh! Why Now?

    what kind of cory?
  20. Spring Auction

    Brought home some corydora Duplicaous, 3 albino baby plecos, a bunch of plants and the bag of filters and enough floss to fill them and the big box of stuff. Haven't had time to look at all my haul as I just got home after a 4 hour drive home to Grande Prairie. Thanks to everyone who helped put the auction on. :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
  21. Water Capacity

    With 14 tanks I only have 250 gallons, some of you probably have tanks bigger then all mine combined. Your water bills must be huge. Family and friends think I am nuts with 14 if they just knew how many you guys had, they would think that you were fish stores and not just recreational fish people.
  22. Disinterests

    Larger fish don't really interest me- sharks, rays, arowana, cichlids. Thou I am liking my one yellow cichlid I got at the auction, he is such a character like a little puppy when he knows it is dinner time.
  23. My Corys Are Breeding

    I am so happy my cories are breeding. I have a baby panda and I am super happy to report that my corydora duplicareus have given me more then one baby. I saw two that look to be around a month+ and I noticed some movement and I saw at least one a few days old. The babies look nothing like the adults. It is so hard to spot them in a fully planted tank with sand as they are the same color as the sand. :wub: :wub: got to love baby cories.
  24. Cory Id Please

    Closest I have come to id'ing those cories is Corydora delphax. I have 5 or so in my tank but I think all mine are male.