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  1. Heres what I do, pretty much the same as ckmullin. I generally skim the surface of the substrate with a gravel vacuum, not picking up gravel, just whatever is on top. I'll hit a few spots beside driftwood/rock where a lot of debris accumulates. Generally I don't disturb the tank to much, mostly getting the stuff thats visible in the foreground. If you have carpeting plants or moss thats established and well attached you can gently press your vacuum into them. I spend maybe 5-7 mins with the water vacuum, then I use a small pump for the rest of the water change.
  2. Co2 Equipment Question

    Check out CO2 Art out of the Uk, if you haven't already found them. I can't really comment on the smaller co2 systems from lfs, although if you ever go to a bigger aquarium the costs might start adding up. A 5 pound cylinder will probably last at least a year on a five gallon tank. Last time I got a 5 pound cylinder filled it was $30. Better value but your C02 system will take up almost as much space as your 5gal aquarium.
  3. New Canadian Online Plant Store- Based In Calgary

    Just online, Pick up is available for locals or people passing through Calgary.
  4. New Canadian Online Plant Store- Based In Calgary

    Hi everyone, I'm The Wet Leaf. I'd like to assure you that The Wet Leaf is in fact a legitimate online business based out of Calgary. Everyone across Canada that has purchased and paid for plants through www.thewetleaf.net via PayPal (the only possible payment method) have received healthy plants as ordered. I believe that there is a technical issue with the contact form on my site. Its a multiple domain email thing. If you contacted me through that form you may not have received my reply. The rest of the site should be working perfectly as it goes through a third party website host. Sorry to those that did not receive a reply, I will be replying to you in the next few days and hopefully get this problem fixed soon. If you have any questions please contact me through info@thewetleaf.ca or our Facebook page. (link in the signature at the bottom of this post) We'll be up on the sponsors section of this forum soon, so I'll do a proper introduction at that time. Again sorry to those that didn't get a response. Nicolas Rud The Wet Leaf
  5. Dry Start Journal

    Great growth in 20 days, looks good!
  6. I've seen them on Ebay, or one of those sites. Although you might run into some customs issues if they come from another country. Possibly big fines, so look into the rules. Most of the seeds are pretty generic anyway. And there are a lot of people on here that give away free cuttings.
  7. Bow Vally Aquariums

    I'm thinking of doing a custom set up, Anybody ever get anything done form Bow Vally Aquariums? http://www.bowvalleyaquarium.ca
  8. Ro System Recommendations?

    http://www.miyabi-aqua.com/tips-and-techniques/about-plant-health This is a good guide, if you haven't found one yet.
  9. Start Up

    Hi, There are lots of options for substrate, kinda depends on what you want to do with the tank. For a planted tank I prefer the Ada products, Eco complete is another one i've had success with. Some people will swear by Dirted tanks. Stay away from anything that has no nutrients in it if you want plants, other wise they are likely to die with out super heavy fertilization of the water column.