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  1. What kind of snail is this?? ID

    Nice thanks j vision! This is still very weird. I'm 99% sure they must be assassin's. the only this that had me wondering is reading about assassin's and how they usually lay very few eggs and some how I have close to 30 of these little guys all around the same size. Again I haven't had any snails In this tank for a year and a half at least the next all of a sudden I start to see these tiny almost air bubbles looking things. Not a bad thing as I have other tanks over run with Ramsey horn.
  2. What kind of snail is this?? ID

    Sorry for the picture, it's off my cell phone and the snail is the size of a grain of rice maybe smaller. 15 + have appeared in my tank in last month or two. Thanks in advance!
  3. Anyone know what this guy is? He is about 13inches long. I can upload more pics later.
  4. Price Of Used Tanks

    Broken tank is worthless unless you find someone who keeps reptiles, then you can get money for it maybe. Filters are worth maybe 50 each Good tanks generally go for a buck or two a gallon, unless they have some special gimmick like thicker glass, bow front or rimless. Lights and canopy can vary greatly. But if they are just standard then tack another 40 50 bones on for them. Obviously it would be smart to just look in the classified section and come to a conclusion yourself based on what other people are selling. But don't base your price on what you paid new, pet peeve of mine is buying used stuff and people having way to high of a evaluated price based on the fact they spent 1200$ on a 40 gal from some rip off store. Do the 5 min of research and see what other people are selling the same stuff for.
  5. Shrimp Filter

    Bingo jvision, it just makes sense that they would thrive.
  6. has anyone ever had amino, ghost, or cherry shrimp survive living in a cannister filter? I have been thinking of adding cherry shrimp to my fluval, it's a 405 so the compartments are quite large. I would think the shrimp would thrive on particles trapped in my bio media and filter floss. The sections all snap together so I feel like they will be protected from the impeller. I will post my results in a couple weeks. I haven't been able to find any info on the matter online (as far as having an colony living in a cannister filter) .
  7. D.i.y Aquarium Island/turtle Dock For Turtles

    Awesome! How is the fire smoking? Were you just smoking a cigerette while you filmed? Haha. Either way I love it! Crays might hop the glass now though.
  8. Suggested Dither Fish

    Bichirs do seem a little too aggressive (and fast growing) to do the job I need done. This type of piranha can be quite slow growing. Silver dollar is more in the direction I want to go. Anyone seen red hooks around town?
  9. Suggested Dither Fish

    Bichir seems very interesting, they are tough. How big would be able to do the job I wonder.
  10. Suggested Dither Fish

    In previous tanks I have had with more aggressive species, cray fish did a nice job. The crays seem to be able to defend themselves as well they eat any scraps/algae they can get their claws on. However it can be hard to find the balance between fish big enough to eat the Cray, or vice versa.
  11. Suggested Dither Fish

    The piranha is an S. Maculatus, he is wild caught and about 4" not including his tail. The tank he is In is too large for him IMHO. Being a territorial type of fish he isn't very active outside of his area. Looking for something to take up the other 3/4 of the tank, as well as not let the scraps from the food my piranha eats (very messy eaters) go to waste. In my past experiance smaller and more aggressive tetras have a good shot too. Basically I'm asking if anyone has had experiance with tougher bite sized fish that lasted in a well fed predators tanks for longer than expected.
  12. I am looking for some reasonably priced smaller fish that I could introduce to my tank for "custodial" as well as visual aid. I have had for the past year a 55 gallon tank with a solo juvinile piranha. His exact species is kinda up I n air at this point over the recient confusion over the s. Spilo and s. Maculatus variants. Now as much as I'm not intending on the death of the new fish I am introducing, i do expect the odd one to go missing and minimizing this is my top priority. If anyone has any tips in my search it would be greatly appreciated!! I have had success with cray fish in the past as well as larger Congo tetras
  13. Suggestions For 60 Gal African Biotope

    Big als in edmonton has congos, they are tagged at an arm and a leg. Noticed a few good looking males but there were only about 4 in the school of 20+. All under 1.5 inch so juvies. Also I know if pet cetera still exist they can get them periodically.