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  1. I have 18 if these guys. Sizes are 3"-6". Iam in edmonton local sales only..no pics. Asking $500 for all
  2. hey iam in edmonton, i like to buy the two heaters(jagr) i think. contact #?

  3. Hi Gary you know anyone with the aro code scanner? THX Andrew

  4. hi Mel , i still don't know who he is but he said "WTF" and complainn about my pricing, and someone on the forum defended me and reminded him not to make such dumb statement about my posting, i think the mod erease it,iam easy going as i don't care for people like him, THX for your help.

  5. hi Mel i may trade my very nice Rare to get this size Chinese Golden alge eater at 6", for your single peticola.