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  1. Axolotls

    $25 at Gold Aquariums. Dennis said the price has dropped considerably in the past year. Seeing as they lay between 100 and 1000 eggs and are easy to care for, they should be flooding the market. I picked up one on Monday. So far, so good.
  2. I'm Not Receiving Notifications?

    This would actually be something an Admin needs to look at, not a moderator. I bet if you PM Tanker he will check it out fairly quickly as his schedule allows.
  3. Looking for suggestions for a 46g bowfront for someone who has come from another province of limited pet fish species. She has no clue where to start, except no goldfish, no guppies, and no 3-spot gouramis. What's the coolest tank setup you can suggest, keeping in mind the auction is tomorrow?
  4. Ace Fall Auction

    And it appears that I will be there as well, this time with an adult daughter in tow.
  5. Nicklfire Signing Off!

    Good luck in BC, and sorry to see you go. Come back and visit!
  6. NLS for stingrays

    Starve them a bit. When they're hungry, they'll eat.
  7. Site Cleanup

    We're not business staff, we're volunteers. As for sounding democratic, wasn't meant to be at all. Here's harmless little Sackboy from PS's Little Big Planet: From the really popular game "God of War": And nickame for moderators is "mod", so really it's a very small jump to dressing Sackboy up in that costume. As you're an online gamer, I figured you'd make the leap pretty quickly. My mistake: So "Mod of War" is a humourous play on words.
  8. Site Cleanup

    You're inferring that all of our armed forces are of the same mindset as Nazi's, Communists, or Fascists? Ok, that's your choice.....you're not the first person I've met who doesn't support our armed forces. Free country, you can have your opinions. However, be warned....that's highly precocious to assume that about anyone without knowing them, and simply from a picture with a little title on it. Now to answer my question, why do you not just go off and start your own website? You sound like you have lots of ideas and spirit.
  9. Site Cleanup

    I'm more than a little confused as to why you'd assume it would mean that I am anything associated with the terms fascist, communist, or Nazi.
  10. Site Cleanup

    You're more than welcome to start your own site. Posting a comment where you are looking for the asking price of this site infers that you have the cash resources available to start one of your own, and obviously you have shown the interest to do so as well. Plus, you've inferred that things here aren't running to your tastes. Therefore.....why NOT start a forum of your own?
  11. Look What I Found Today!

    Garden eels.....don't bother. You better do some research on these fish.
  12. Good luck you you three Jonah....lots of change, but hopefully only for the good!
  13. PM cale262 on here...he's in Beaumont, and has live rock for sale. Great guy too....just don't let him talk you into some tires while you're there. lol
  14. The honest-to-goodness hardest thing for you will be patience. Set up takes longer to complete cycling than freshwater, and you can't overstock, and then just overfilter it for a while like you can do with fresh. No cheating allowed, unless you like $200 tanks crashes.