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  1. Donation

    I have a bunch of aquarium stuff I’d like to donate for fish auction. Who do I contact.
  2. Golden Dojo Loaches

    I have the same thing, bought a few and the original stayed small but the others grew larger by 10 x. I have heard that the larger are fem and smaller male?
  3. Aquascaping Advice

    i have tons of the dwarf sag if you would like to try, it does get a bit tall for foreground. I use well water, no Co2, just ferts once in awhile.
  4. Shrimp Newbie

    Do you have a diagram for the canister filter system? UGFs ???? i'd like to try something new.
  5. Breeding Farlowella Gracilis

    congrats,!! well done,
  6. Next Big Auction October 5Th

    What is everyone bringing to sell at the auction?
  7. Crooked, Emaciated Guppy?

    Hi, i sometimes think it is in genetics, out of 50-100 there maybe 1 or 2. i have lots of guppies too..
  8. Riverfront's 2 For 1 Day

    second sat of the month
  9. How Do You Deal With Vacation?

    you can do a 3 day water change of 25 % and that will last you, don't feed what you would normally, cut back.
  10. Pregnant Guppy?

    Mine get the same, look like they might explode. when they do release it's massive. 20+ babies, most times 30+.
  11. What Is This In My Shrimp Tank?

    that seems like alot. I get those little bettle guys, i must over feed, hmm
  12. Hi From Cochrane!

    he is on the home page as a sponsor
  13. Hi From Cochrane!

    welcome, there is all support you need here on this site. I don't have big tank anymore but check out Fairdeal for your stock.
  14. Greedy Killi

    I had Killi's awhile back and they started cleaning out my guppies(almost full size) i was transfering the guppies from baby tank to the main tank as i thought they were big enough,ya to be eaten by killi's. i have other fish die from trying to consume another. always fatal.
  15. i live north of Cochrane and my well water is very good, hard but you just get fish that like that. I use to live a mile away and the water was bad for rust.My problem is more the power outages, unpredictable for length of time.seem to have more now with all the storms.