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  1. a school of south American puffers!
  2. Really. I thought it was not "grandfathered" in so one must destroy the fish? Can someone confirm?
  3. I bred them here in Red Deer. I think the post are still around the forum. Just do a search.
  4. I'm not good at sexing them. Just wait and let them pair up naturally. I am not familiar w Africans but don't usually like mixing African and American cichlid. Not much help here.
  5. They are expensive because it takes time to get blue gene jds. It took me 2 years to get fry.
  6. I bred these guys years ago. Do you hav specific questions? I think the post are still up.
  7. healthy competition is good.
  8. Frogspawn or hammer, mushrooms and zoanthids
  9. I like the rustic look.
  10. I agree...nothing wrong with hybrids if you enjoy them. Just make sure you don't breed them and pass them on as something else. If you cannot 100% identify...not a good idea to breed it in the first place. But if you already have hybrids and you like them...keep them. Don't have to destroy a fish because its hybrid. But just my opinion. J
  11. Sorry tanker...URLs info started popping this am for me.
  12. Thanks. I really am not breeding for anything. These are just culls that I obtained. Some of the babies are very blue though...looks really nice. I might have to get rid of them and pass them on to someone that can appreciate them.
  13. Hi folks... how many shrimps can a 2.5 gallon hold? I started with 20 and now I have over 25 babies on top of that. All seems well with the shrimps. all getting along.
  14. I tanker. I just tried it right now. It still would take you the URL thing. ONce you exit the URL and google again then it let me in AA.
  15. I've had this happening for awhile . I posted it here previously.