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  1. Spring Predators

    Thank you No I am not a professional photographer, it's more of a relaxing and interesting hobby. I have been taking a lot of pictures lately so I will likely post some new ones soon.
  2. Spring Predators

    Thanks guys, I'm glad you like them
  3. Spring Predators

    Finally spring is here. What that means to me is lots of action! In the last couple of weeks I have had multiple Bald Eagle sightings, several adults and one juvenile. On two of the occations I was lucky enough to have my camera handy. The following photos are of two individuals, one spotted just east of Millet on 814 and the other further east maybe 1km west of Coal Lake. This time of the year is also great for watching Coyotes. They can be seen in the early morning hunting rodents on the snow. Here are some photos of two individuals. The first guy launching and pouncing for prey, but not successful. The second guy however, was able to get some breakfast
  4. Not the same metabolism, they are more "normal" for being victorians.
  5. Here are some pictures of Haplochromis thereuterion, Senga Point. I love these guys. They have spawned a couple of times but I have not been able to get the female to hold more than a few days so far. Maybe better luck next time.
  6. Wildlife September 25, 2010

    Thanks everyone Yes I know what you are saying. It is not easy to ID birds, especially not small warblers and sparrows. It is amazing how many different species there are when you start looking around.
  7. Redtail Hawk, juvenile Another juvenile Redtail Hawk Bald Eagle. Great to have these so close by, at Coal Lake. This individual was very weary of me and I got this shot from far away. A Purple Finch visiting one of my bird feeders A Yellow-Rumped Warbler stopped by in my backyard on it's migration south. A Northern Harrier at Coal Lake A Great Blue Heron early in the morning at Coal Lake This is a male Merlin Black-Capped Chickadee, still a bit wet after visiting the bird bath. Bluejay
  8. Wildlife September 7, 2010

    I use a Canon 400mm 5.6L for the majority of my bird photos. The shutter speed for the last humming bird photo that I posted was 1/2000 with an aparture of 5.6 and ISO 400, and I also used flash.
  9. Wildlife September 7, 2010

    Thanks guys
  10. Okay time to serve up some new shots. First a few shots from Northern Saskatchewan. This is a Common Grackle Here is a Gray Jay First time I have seen one of these - Dark-Eyed Junco, male and here is the female And now back to Alberta again. A very sleepy Pine Siskin juvenile Downy Woodpecker A curious Black-Capped Chickadee This is a juvenile Redtail Hawk
  11. Wildlife August, 2010

    Thanks everyone Henry, I'll let you know the next time I go to Roper's Jayba, I am using a Canon 7D and a Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L lens (sometimes with 1.4x extender), handheld most of the time but lately I have been lugging the tripod with me more often. Recently I have also been experimenting with fill flash (see nuthatch, pine siskin, hummingbird).
  12. Wildlife August, 2010

    I also visited Beaverhill Bird Observatory last weekend. I can really recommend it for any nature freaks. Lots of walking on not so well maintained trails though. I got to see some banding of birds. Here is a picture of a Blackpoll Warbler and a American Redstart.
  13. Wildlife August, 2010

    I sure did Henry He was so much younger when you were there. When I was there on August 5th, he was just about ready to leave the nest. The mosquito situation was pretty bad though, I was wearing long sleeved shirt, mosquito net and gloves in +25C and sunshine...a bit warm.
  14. Wildlife August, 2010

    Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper at Twin Lakes White-Breasted Nuthatch in my backyard Pine Siskin in my backyard Common Yellowthroat at Beaverhill Lake Yellow Warbler at Beaverhill Lake Ruby-Throated Hummingbird in my backyard. This guy is a juvenile and has been fighting with his sibling, hence the wound behind the eye. They are always fighting and I was at one point in the middle between them, a bit worried that one of the "darts" would hit me... Finally, a Boreal Toad, captured at Twin Lakes
  15. Wildlife August, 2010

    First some raptors. Descriptions below each photo. Red-Tailed Hawk. This regal hawk comes in many color variations. This photo was taken along 814 between Beaumont and Millet. Turkey Vultures are not all that common this far up north. This pictures was taken at Butchers Habitat Conservation Area at Bittern Lake. Female Merlin being harassed by a Swallow. Picture taken at Roper Pond in Edmonton. Swainson's Hawk chick in nest photographed at Roper Pond, Edmonton. Swainson's Hawk at Roper Pond, Edmonton Now on to some smaller birds. Juvenile Robin along one of the trails on our property. Downy Woodpecker in a rather lazy pose on my inlaws bird feeder. Brown-Headed Cowbird in a tree on my inlaws yard in Millet Closeup of an American Goldfinch in my backyard White-Throated Sparrow in my backyard