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  1. Pics From The Arctic (Fish Pics)

    Really cool pics! Must be one heck of an experience!
  2. Need An Id

    Looks like a Copadichromis Azureus, or more commonly as Electric Blue II. A nice fish indeed but can be a bully if you have other haps or peacocks with similar colors.
  3. Betta Breeding Question

    X2 on the conditioning. I used to feed them live blackworms for about a week, while in their seperate containers,seperated by a peice of paper. But frozen food works too if you don't have access to live food. I usually remove the paper after feeding for 10 mins to slowly introduce. Once you see the female showing signs of ready to breed (most females will color up when excited, but ensure that she is carrying a lot of eggs as this will increase your success rate). Once I think she is ready, I set up a breeding area (I usually use clay pots that are a bit bigger than ice cream pails, I find that it helps as a glass tank does not give them the privacy they need. I also put some cardboard covering 2/3 of the pots to reduce air draft. I usually have the water level at 10" to not overexert the male with his task. I used only a heater and no filter(you want the least amount of disturbance on the surface if possible). I would introduce the male in the tank for about half a day, then float the female in a smaller clear container until the male starts bluiding a nest. Once he has built a nest that you think is big enough, you can introduce the female in, try to do this without disturbing the surface area. She will take a beating so make sure you have lots of plants in there for hiding (live plants is recommended cabomba or hornwort is what I used as it provides support for the fry before they are able to swim. If the female gets too beat up or if they haven't bred within 4 days or so, I remove them and try again in a couple weeks once the female recovers. Almond leaves works really well too as it conditions the water and sometimes provides a structure for males to build the nest under. Hope that helps!
  4. A Couple Of My Cichlids.

    Hey all, Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of a couple of albino peacocks I am currently keeping, enjoy!I should also mention that I am new at taking pictures, definitely a learning curve! Aulonocara Albino Eureka Red. Aulonocara Albino Usisiya Flavescent. Also, please don't use my pictures without first asking.
  5. What african cichlids do you have?

    Currently I have: 16 Albino Taiwan Reef. Just about 1.5" with one male starting to color up 13 Aul. Albino Usisiya Flavescent Peacocks. About 2" with the male getting more color everyday. 7 Aul. Albino Eureka Red Peacocks. Wicked male about 4.5" with the females around 3-3.5". 13 Albino Red Empress. Ranging from 1"-2". A few starting to show signs of being males. Really excited to find these. 5 Frontosa "Ksanga" and 5 "Burundi". From 3-5". Roughly 30 F2 Aul. Usisiya Flavescent from my F1 colony that I recently sold. About 0.5".
  6. ID confirmation

    It does look like a ethelwynnae due to the black inthe fins, but the yellow on hte body isnt dark enough to be one. Could be a camera problem. IMO wait a couple of weeks to see if he get even darker, if he does then you would know. HTH Hung
  7. New and different babies

    Generally a pure copad. female would look alot "lighter" color. but it does apppear to have the spots on it. maybe a hybrid...? justa thought, please no offence taken. Hung
  8. babies

    albinos eh? interesting <_<
  9. New Babies

    Congrats rahim. But of BAP, don't you need at least 6 fry? Hung
  10. Community tank of featherfins

    Not so sure, but since they loo almost alike in form, i wouldn't risk it. say doy ou have any furcifer frys for sale? Hung
  11. Iodotropheus sprengerae

    I netted it out, i usually dun add peoples water unless i know forsure 100% that its safe. Hung
  12. Iodotropheus sprengerae

    Very odd <_< . just hopes it can be cured ! Hung
  13. Iodotropheus sprengerae

    will do in a couple days here once i'm done with the blackspots problem. Too late for me now. I've noticed now that 2 of my galileo red tops have it now (GOD DAM) But in conclusion i think that it is more likely to happen to mbuna sp. because these guys were in there with juvies Albino eureka reds, and Aul. Maleri. and the yellow princesses. but none of those guys got it.... But none the less i'm not very happy right now :guns: . gotta go grab some coppersafe and treat it just in case. better safe than sorry. damn it HUng
  14. Iodotropheus sprengerae

    Yeah, their a cyno afra variant that has been quite new. Krista (fish manager at sunridge) got the WC parents and i happened to see the pics and i think its a really cool looking fish. so happy that i got 10 of my own. now hopefully nothing will happpen to them. Hung Ps. James, although the yellow princesses were pretty small, i'm happy witht he quality
  15. Iodotropheus sprengerae

    their nearly the same as yours, but i noticed the biggest one have a quite "large spot on him". but it seems like my galileo red tops have some black on them as well. i hope their okay. gonna try some salt in there and hope they are okay. if not then i'll use coppersafe. i'll keep you updated, and i'll post some pics tmr when i have the time, Hung God, if it spreads imma be so f***ing pissed. cause i bought those f1 galileo red tops to breed! Hung