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  1. Gorgeous tank, Justin. :thumbs:
  2. Peninsula Vivarium

    Awesome project, Grimm. Great job! :thumbs:
  3. Which Silicone/caulking Is Safe For Tanks?

    Calgary Fasteners sells the large tubes of GE SCS1200.
  4. Corner Cabinet Complete!

    Nice work Dan! Coming along nicely. :thumbs:
  5. Look Out Loach!

    Cool shots, Ryan! Gotta love that first one.
  6. Fresh To Low Load Reef

    Good point. I should have qualified that as "High TDS Tap Water = Cyanobacteria".
  7. Fresh To Low Load Reef

    A lot of reef keepers use RO (reverse osmosis) water or have an RO/DI (reverse osmosis/de-ionization) units installed in their homes.
  8. Fresh To Low Load Reef

    Tap Water = Cyanobacteria It's just a matter of time.
  9. Aquarium Illusions Servicing

    The folks at Canreef ( http://www.canreef.com/modules/Active_Topics/index.php ) are very helpful too. Consider it as another option to save a few $$.
  10. Sand

    Another thing to bear in mind......if you are keeping mouth brooders, the crushed coral has sharp edges that "can" damage eggs.
  11. "the Dark Side" Of Tanganyika

    Community tanks (and the varying species) take on a whole new dynamic. Even species tanks depend on the species. Mbuna can be crowded, others cannot. For Tropheus in particular, I'd be hard-pressed to find better advice than that provided by RD. Good luck with your venture into Tropheus, Brad.
  12. Looks great Justin. Keep up the nice work!
  13. Black Silicone

    Source GE SCS1200 (Black). It is what the tank builders use and has higher tensile strength than even the RTV. 120 gallons can make a huge mess if not contained properly. -05- I have 3-4 of tubes I could part with. I would just charge what I paid plus the Greyhound charge to get them to you. PM me if you are interested.
  14. Super Red

    Nice shot!