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  1. Coralife T5 Light Fixtures

    I went through three of the Coralife T5 thin fixtures. I still have the last one sitting in the furnace room. They are junk and if Coralife was a reputable company they should have done a recall as they produced a faulty product. I will never buy a coralife product again.
  2. Bio cubes?

    I have a 29 gall. biocube that I use for a SW nano. The filtration system is adequate but not great. It is easily modifiable. There are some issues with the tank such as a weak ballast and fish jumping from the main tank into the back- all can be remedied. Your best bang for the buck is still through buying a tank and components separately. Having said that - after some mods the biocube has been fine. IMO it is better suited for a SW nano though - due to dimensions and possible mods.
  3. T5 lifespan

    I have 2 48"Coralife T5's and 2 36" T5's and have had issues with both sizes. I have a surge protector for the fixtures-however they are prone to problems during a spike and seem to have weak ballasts. I would not recommend them as a reliable product. In fact, nothing seems to be reliable any more-there is poor quality control in China
  4. Cichlid Stocking Suggestions

    Given your experience in fishkeeping (extensive) I would go with a one-colony tropheus tank. Contrary to internet reports on bloat, they are very hardy if cared for properly and a very interesting cichlid. In a 50 gallon you should only have one species and begin with at least 10-12 in order to defer aggression. Another great cichlid that I enjoyed was demansoni-you would need to build a shale face. They are a very interesting fish and breed well.
  5. Excellent to deal with, fantastic equipment.

  6. Recommend a new Canister

    I have had 8 eheim cannister filters and never had any problems. Pay a little more and in the long run it is more than worth it.
  7. Eheim 2215 problem

    Within the 10 months have you replaced the fine filter? As well you should use siphoned water from the aquarium to rinse out the course filter as well as the efimech and efisubstrat. This should be done every 4-6 months or earlier depending on the amount of detrious which goes through your filter. You should also clean out the impeller-check your manual for details. :pff:
  8. Filtration

    I like eheim cannisters. They are quiet, carry a large biological load and are very durable. If you combine a cannester with a aquaclear, you have the best of both. It is better to overfilter IMO.
  9. German blue ram questions

    I looked into them too. Apparently they have been inbred so much that it is really hard to find good stock.
  10. First Eheim....

    I have 6 eheims including 3 Pro 2's. I have never had any problem whatsoever priming any of them. The Pro 2's have a self-priming (push-prime) system that is great. Failing that just suck on the intake tube and away it goes...then plug in once full. They are the best filters by far on the market in my opinion...although I do like my Rena XP3.
  11. Filter for a 72g bowfront

    I find the Fluvals have more bypass than the Rena's -this makes them less efficient. As well I find the seals to be a bit better on the Rena. As a negative, the clamps on the Rena are not that great-make sure the hose is tight and clamped well. You do get what you pay for. Consider a silghtly used eheim if you can find one.
  12. Filter for a 72g bowfront

    I have a rena filstar XP3, a Fluval, eheim cannisters and Pro 2...actually 5 eheims. IMO the eheim is by far the best of the three however they are expensive. They are worth every penny over the long run. The Rena is a good second choice.
  13. Feeding Multi fry

    Thanks for all the advice. I am going to try to finely grind up NLS and use a pipette to deliver it to the fry. Will let you know how it goes.
  14. Feeding Multi fry

    This is my second batch of Multi fry...lost the first. They are like little pin-heads and difficult to get food to as the others gobble it up. Will ground up NLS grow or Cyclopeze work with a Turkey baster??? Any other suggestions? Normally I feed fry live brine shrimp as well but these little buggers are too small!
  15. Suggestions for tankmates for Brevis

    Thanks Kyle. I guess I'll go with rainbows again!