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  1. Hot Power Supply

    +1 warm is okay, hot = bad.
  2. DIY stand and tank leveling question

    I'm probably not understanding the problem completely - so I'm guessing it is not possible to mostly drain the tanks for an afternoon - while you rebuild the shelves to get the bow out?
  3. +1 Hydra Had one show up in my tank once - but I think my endlers made short work of them.
  4. DIY LED powerful enough for high-tech tank

    Can you send me some spec's on these? Are they from Digikey or ??
  5. Fluval 205 - leaking - O ring already replaced

    I have a tub of Silicone Grease - didn't work. I will try this! thanks
  6. having some trouble with an older fluval 205 - I have a spare seal kicking around (brand new) and that didn't seem to resolve the problem - I don't see any gunk around the seal contact area - is my filter shot?
  7. Bowing Stand

    I agree with jvision - some 2x4 put in would be good. If you have trouble getting the 2x4's in there, you could cut them short, then squeeze some PL premium / subfloor adhesive in there - strong enough for your house floors, strong enough for your tank. Along with the places mentioned, "The Find" often has old tables / desks.
  8. Is this forum dead?

    @biodives: Curious - I'm generally against certain internet freeisms that abuses user data - but what do you mean in particular
  9. DIY LED powerful enough for high-tech tank

    Any update on how these have worked out for people? Eh?
  10. DIY LED powerful enough for high-tech tank

    Looks good, especially the 4000k 90CRI units.
  11. Co2 Equipment Question

    You may as well go with a larger 5 - 10 pound setup if you have the space. Putting cost aside, your time to refill the Co2 is worth something too.
  12. New Canadian Online Plant Store- Based In Calgary

    Tried asking them a question - never heard back. Hopefully they are legit.
  13. Super Sale On Marineland C - 220

    http://www.bigalspets.ca/multi-stage-canister-filter-c-220.html 60$ seems like a really good price.
  14. Besides Fissidens Fontanus, what native aquatic moss species are out there?
  15. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Plant-seed-Glossostigma-elatinoides-similar-Hemianthus-callitrichoides-aquarium-/151884473956?var=&hash=item235d052664:m:migF1nhg-VXJNoMs_yyIq1g I have no idea if this is legit, thought it looked curious though.