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  1. Small Tank Heaters

    I'm looking to heat a few small tanks. We have a dwarf frog in a 3 gallon tank and another in a large fishbowl at the office. Both are doing well (one will occasionally call at night actually). However, we're concerned about the temperature and would like to raise it a few degrees. What is the best option for heating small tanks, in your opinion? I don't want to clutter a large component of the living space with the heater. i'm told there are some small immersible heating pads, but i've never used them before. Thoughts?
  2. New Tank - Stumped

    I've run fish tanks for 30+ years but i'll admit i'm stumped on my latest. It's a Fluval 9 gallon set up for my 6 year old. We have it running, filter on, led lights, new gravel (washed), starter bacteria included, and i'm doing my standard 1 fish in the tank for a couple weeks to get things started. This is the method i've successfully used for decades. We are now 0 for 3 with our little starter fish (2 glowlight tetras, one serpae tetra). Always only 1 but replace after the little guy dies. Dont want to run the tank without a fish because I want the bacteria cycle to commence. Our water testing is saying the ammonia levels are spiking. We are limiting the feeding so it isn't from that.There are no heaters in this tank so it is room temperature. Note, I have 2 other of the same tanks also at room temperature (one in the same house, one at the office) without problems. Not sure what else it could be. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.
  3. Nature's Corner Store?

    any news on how Henry and his family are doing? Sure hope they landed on their feet out.
  4. Best Snail For Sand?

    I have decided that I need some snails to get through my sand to keep turning it over. The sand is too fine for my gravel vacuum so it is on to Plan B, namely snails. My thought would be Malaysian Trumpet Snails but I thought I should ask the experts. Note: I have a tank of barbs, tetras, and will be going to plecos, corys, and possibly leaving 1 bumblebee catfish in there. Not sure which of those would eat snails (if any) but obviously dont want to drop $$$ on something that won't last a day.
  5. Afi Tests - False Readings? High Nitrates

    nitrites and ammonia have been zero throughout. Re-arranged everything in the tank and cleaned in the corner or spots where things build up (tank looks great) Will take a sample in.
  6. Tank in balance for years. Bought new food (NLS Flake and NLS Pellet). Intersperse with algea pellet for the pleco and algae eater once a week. Frozen food once a week. Had an issue with my water chemistry a few weeks ago - low PH and high nitrates. Have black algae as well. Got the ph sorted out and have done water changes every few days since - 3+ weeks ago. Each water change is about 20 to 25%. one change had to be close to 50%. Nitrates levels are not dropping. Black sand substrate. Not planted until after the chemistry issues. Other changes I made: Changed chemipure media in my cannister filter stopped feeding flake food (now when I feed all of the pellets are gone within 30 to 45 seconds. maybe one or two will hit the bottom. Not quite sure what the bottom feeders are eating these days) added some plants Just tested again tonight and the nitrates are still way high (like 40+) according to the AFI measurement kit. Im wondering if i'm screwing the test up some how, or if there is a better test kit for nitrates out there. Otherwise, i'm all ears for solutions. Should I change half of my bio filter media? Should I toss out the filter sponges and go with new ones? Should I be taking a stick and stirring up the sand?
  7. I picked some up over the holidays as it's fun for the kids to toss in a cube of bloodworms or shrimps once a week. The fish go mental for them and everything is eaten within a minute or two. But should I be doing something different with them? What are the experiences with frozen food?
  8. Overpopulated With Pond Snails - Solutions Please

    i've had great success with clown loaches myself.
  9. Crooked, Emaciated Guppy?

    Is there anything else in the tank that could have tried eating him, albeit unsuccessfully? Is there a large pleco or catfish that could have had a go if he was lying a little too still one night?
  10. Starting A Little Betta Tank

    id be curious how this works out for you with the females and males together. When I tried putting some females in with a male in a well planted decent sized tank, it took him about 5 minutes to find the females and try to kill them. i'd love to put a tank of bettas together though, so i'm keen for your success.
  11. Black Algae: Any Shrimp Eat This?

    I've got a bit of this in the tank. Not too much and have cut back on the food and light as suggested. It's a tall tank so growing plants hasn't ever worked terribly well. I was wondering if there are any shrimp species that like the black algae. I haven't tried invertebrates yet to solve the problem, and don't mind them in the tank. Suggestions?
  12. Nature's Corner Store?

    that's brutal news. I bought fish from there since it was Dads Fish Room off of whyte ave (I was there around 2003). I always admired that they were prepared to let a sale walk out the door because they wouldn't sell a fish that wasn't properly quarantined. I also liked that they were friendly to my young children and the questions that they would ask. It helps bring the kids along in the hobby.
  13. Nature's Corner Store?

    I agree. I drove by myself and the only thing left is the sign. Everything inside is back to the walls essentially. Is it odd to anyone else that this happened so quickly and without notice? I think a lot of us would have stopped by to pass along our appreciation (and buy some more fish) had we known.
  14. Nature's Corner Store?

    what? This is terrible news. Has it been confirmed they are done?
  15. Pond Pleco?

    chinese algae eaters are more resistant to the temperatures and are also an option for ponds.