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  1. Looking for Dovii / Umbee

    How about Vieja breidohri......although they are only one inch... john
  2. Hello

    Welcome to AA. looks like your well on the way to multiple tank syndrome....forget that you have the disease.
  3. sectional ponds?

    I have 97% of a 400 + gallon in 3/4 inch glass available 30 inches high. john
  4. Hi! But also Help!!!!

    The temperature is likely fine a couple of degrees one way or the other. The thermostat on the heater is not very accurate. The thermometer is not accurate. However on the whole it works just fine. I use a digital household thermometer that can be used for cooking and I’m quite happy with that. The rocks are fine. Bart is an expert in the use of plants for filtration. However as a newbie I recommend constant monitoring and do your water changes anyway until you are comfortable. Stocking densities are especially important with this methodology. I also have a bunch of plants that you can try, however I am near West Edmonton mall. John
  5. Hi! But also Help!!!!

  6. Hi! But also Help!!!!

    Prime will show ammonia for about 3 days because of the chemical conversion to the less harmful form of ammonia according to their website. I think your tank is cycled. The fish that are dying now, is the issue. No fish store is free of parasites but unfortunately petsmart does not have a good reputation. Use your microscope to look at the poop to start with. Necropsy will also show gut nasties etc.Take a gill scraping and have a look. Worms are common. Etc. you have the skill and knowledge to treat without guessing. brown or any algae is a result of imbalance between nutrients and light....reduce one or both. a lot of fish die from over feeding and improper maintenance. Most expert believe in 50 % per week all in one go. add only 2 to 3 fish every 2 weeks to let the bio buildup the levels of bacteria needed for the added load. try to buy from local breeders, the chances of parasites is greatly reduced. the tetras you like are not usually available by local breeders......also very aggressive in small numbers. see if any of this rings a bell and go from there. John Btw Edmonton can use a good vet for fish.
  7. I have lots....west end Edmonton john
  8. goldwing84

    Our Locations OXY-PRO Head Office - South Edmonton 8604-53 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta(Google Map)Phone: (780) 465-2108
  9. Diy Sponge Filters

    angelfins.ca swisstropical. Com in the USA
  10. Disaster

    Did you forget the dechlorinator perhaps. Also some fishes from lake tang do not like large water changes.
  11. Severums

    Thanks Jason
  12. Severums

    How well do severums do in Edmonton water? Would they reproduce? Thanks John
  13. Ok no longer safe for the living room in my opinion....may be sealed again but beware....
  14. I believe there is a sticky on resealing on the forum....fairly easy, remove old with utility knife, don't cut under the glass, clean well......green tape the seams and re-caulk. Not a good idea to put more silicone.
  15. I keep some species of rainbowfish outside; they will survive even 12c for short periods. I had boesmani outside breeding in temps from 16 to 35 c even had that range in one day occur several times. This year I have C. alleni in a 40 gallon watering trough . With a heather set at 20c, it has been one week and so far so good. I use a hob filter. Some Val, and some hornworts. Also a potted Chinese evergreen, a plant that likes its roots in water. j