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  1. sump pump shut-off

    I have noticed many pumps have an auto-off. Some pumps call it safe-stop, others call it thermal off. I will probably try a different home depot pump. https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.200gph-statuary-fountain-pump-for-water-features.1001010051.html Only looking for 200gph max at about 5' My water loss is higher than anticipated, so I will likely do an auto top off from my ro system at some point.
  2. sump pump shut-off

    https://www.wholesalepumps.com/beckett-m250as-auto-shutoff-290-gph/ This is an interesting one with a shutoff built into the pump. I'm not entirely liking the salt water options I have found as a float valve could potentially have roots grow into it. Also I'm not topping off, I am trying not to run dry. Edit: the pump has incredibly terrible reviews https://www.homedepot.com/p/Beckett-250-GPH-Auto-Shut-Off-Fountain-Pump-M250AS/204670887
  3. sump pump shut-off

    I installed a sump for my freshwater aquarium. My trees now enjoy watering from my tank and cycling back into the tank. But, due to evaporation I fear the sump could potentially run dry while the pump is still going. In about 9 months I will be away for a few weeks. Is there some sort of pump shut off switch? I am sure there must be some pumps with this switch built-in?
  4. Betta Breeding Question

    The female is a bit older, the male should be coming into his maturity soon. Thanks for the info. I have also ordered some fairy shrimp eggs.
  5. I've got a large betta male and female. I'm not seeing much on the female in way of breeding colors. And when I did see it, she may have been too dark for the male to notice. I have them in a 10g tank separated by a screen. The male also has shown no interest in making a nest. Advice to get them more interested in each other?
  6. Can't Get Rid Of Ammonia In Tank

    My tap water has 1ppm ammonia. While I was using tap water, it actually left my tank in cleaner condition. If you're worried, there is ammonia absorbing media, or perhaps some fast growing plant you can get which may become a weed problem later.
  7. Best Tank Heater?...more Fish Dead!

    Buy smaller heaters, so if one malfunctions, it cannot overheat your tank.
  8. be careful of the light spectrum. You could cause algae blooms.
  9. ro may be a long term solution. for the moment I'm opting for Sodium Bisulfate(NaHSO4) instead of hydrochloric acid(HCl) which would make table salt (NaCl). NaHCO3 + NaHSO4 --> Na2SO4 + H2O + CO2 at best, Na2SO4 could combine with Ca to become gypsum(beneficial)
  10. Bought a GH/KH kit today. GH tests at 3 drops, 3dKH or 53.7 ppm KH tests at 52 drops, near as I can figure 52dKH and 930ppm tds is 1520 ppm I retested the 52 drops several times, it is 52. Now, how do I get the ph down(especially due to toxic ammonia levels at ph 8.4 from the tap which reads 'slow death')
  11. My well tests at ph 8.4 and ammonia of 1ppm out of the tap. I'm thinking I need to lower ph. On the bright side, my aquarium eventually decreases the ammonia to 0ppm(plants).
  12. I have clown loaches, plecos (several species), bettas, tiger barbs. Just wondering what the hiccups might be or any changes I will have to make?
  13. Hydor Eth Failed And Cooked My Tank :(

    condolences, had it happen once a few years ago. Tank was warm to the touch. looked inside to see fish looking back at me. everything was happy in the warm water. warm fish and all.
  14. DIY Aquaponics

    solarmax.. over $100, ebay one.. less than $20