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  1. A.C.E. Fall Auction, Oct. 1

    Saving all my duckweed for this!!
  2. A.C.E. Spring Auction 2017

    You sleep??? I thought you hung out with fellow vampires at night..
  3. A.C.E. Spring Auction 2017

    And have the same birthday as you???
  4. A.C.E. Spring Auction 2017

    Good to know, thanks!! And here I thought it would be on April Fool's day...
  5. Auction November 6

    Just unloading my new swordtails and male red albino guppies. Great auction and thanks to ACE for putting it on!!
  6. Cas Fall Auction October 2

    Drive safe and we'll see you then!!
  7. Plant Id

    Syno321 loves this stuff!!!! Agreed duckweed and if anyone wants some, pm me!!
  8. Cas Fall Auction October 2

    Excellent, we look forward to seeing you!!
  9. Cas Fall Auction October 2

    Only fer this burbot...no others lol..
  10. Cas Fall Auction October 2

    Yes, that would be moi.. please ensure your membership is up to date. PM me!!
  11. Tiger Vals For A Guppy Tank

    Vals are pretty easy so a smaller gravel is fine. You could put in a root tab, if you'd like,
  12. Cas Fall Auction October 2

    The CAS is very e-fishent!!
  13. Plant Id Please

    Amazon sword left, hygrophilia polysperma center and looks like leaf of willow hygro on the right(augustofolia?)...
  14. New Canadian Online Plant Store- Based In Calgary

    Emailed them through their website and never heard back..
  15. Start taking back those empties and search the car seats for change!! The Calgary Aquarium Society big fall auction is October 2...