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  1. I got a lot of my fish from FairDeal here on the forum. If you look in the buy sell section you can find his ads.
  2. I tried by they kept eating them.
  3. There just fake plants that i picked up.
  4. Thanks, i think if you can keep it peaceful then it looks great.
  5. 210 Gallon Tank

    Design #3. My favorite and i think it will stay like this for a while.
  6. Yes i do feed them with the plants on top. All my fish get 1mm Sinking NLS. With the amount of fish and movement in that tank, the pellets don't stay long at the top. It would all depend on how dense your plants are. You can always move them to the side when you feed or give them a shake when your done. The look is worth the hassle.
  7. Thinking about selling my breeding setup

    Everything is included except for the fish and a couple of the decorations i will be transferring to the tanks im keeping.
  8. Thinking about selling my breeding setup

    Because we dont have time and were planning on moving out.
  9. Thinking about selling my breeding setup

    Does anyone have any idea on what this would be worth. I have probably spent around $6000 setting it up. I understand im not going to get what i paid. Whats the usual mark down. I was hoping to at least get 1/3 of the price back. Does this seam reasonable?
  10. Im thinking about downsizing and i just want everyone's opinion on what i should sell my equipment for and if there would be any interest in it. This is the link to my journal. Racking System Link One wall has 9- 33 Gallon tanks. All have glass tops as well as under gravel filters. The rack is made of wood and has 2 lights per level. The second wall has 6- 58 Gallon tanks, and 1- 55 gallon tank. The 58 Gallon tanks have glass tops but the 55 doesn't. Running along both of the racks is an air pipe. There is 1 air line per tank tied into the air pipe. Im not sure what i should sell this set up for. If anyone has some suggestions on the price, please let me know. If anyone is interested in this set up, make me an offer.
  11. Cichlid fry

    I have never had a problem. I keep 1" fry with 2 1/2" fry and they do fine.
  12. 210 Gallon Tank

    Figured i would keep track of all the designs i have done in this tank. First Design when we got the tank New and improved (my opinion)