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    Colorful fish of all varieties! But I love horses too. Worked with and raised/trained lions, tigers and bears, oh my!!! as well as bottled raised many other exotic animals such as raccoons, badgers, cougars, skunks, lemurs, wolves and wild boars. Never a dull moment at my house!

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  1. No. We are not having a show this year.
  2. Are you an executive of the CAS?
  3. Just a heads up. Mark it on your calender!
  4. True Midas Compare Male And Female

    Thanks for that info RD
  5. There is a misconception out there that among male America's only the male gets the nuchual hump. Here are photos of my large pair. The female is the orange one, the male mostly white. Both are over a foot long. The male is easily a foot deep.
  6. Electric Blue Acara

    Here are some pics of ones for sale
  7. Electric Blue Acara

    I still have a handful to sell. $12 each. I coming to Edmonton for the auction.
  8. Trimac

    How many you want. I have fry of one inch. $20 each.
  9. Are they harmful? The cat fish is very messy and eats a lot. So what you said makes sense.
  10. I have a 180 gallon with sand substrate run by an FX5. When I do water changes and stir up the sand there are thousands of 1cm long worms about half the width of sewing thread floating EVERYWHERE. fish are large waking cat, big front, oscar, true parrot and a parachromis sp. all seen fine. Should I be worried?
  11. Calgary Auction Sales Bill

    There's been altums at auctions before and I never heard they suffered. So I can add altums to the sales bill?
  12. Calgary Auction Sales Bill

    Up dated with more items added.
  13. GIANT CALGARY FISH AUCTION SNEEK-A-PEEK WHAT ARE YOU GONNA SEE THERE? Here is the line up so far.... Check back regularly as items will be added as the vendors report in. GIANT FISH AUCTION In Calgary this Sunday Oct 18th HERES A SAMPLE OF WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO SEE THERE. Giant auction Line up so far. Something for everyone Auction sales bill Dry goods 10 gallon tank 15 gallon tank 55 gallon tank Large multi tank air pump Large water pump Fish food Box of complete, used aquarium set up kit. Small air pumps 50 watt heater (used) Used Fluval 404 complete filter Fluval underwater filter Water test kits Submersible sump pump Pond de-icer New/used driftwood Livestock Axolotls Johann mbuna juveniles mature electric yellow male electric blue gilli mollies Multisquamata rainbowfish Guyana red spot angels. Apple snails blue Moscow guppies (show quality) mollies.. Glossolepis wanamensis adult pair. Double Black angelfish White tailed acei Eureka Red young adult male Pure endlers Blue Moscow guppies Ameca splendens Zoogoneticus tequila Large OB peacock Pair Green Moscow guppies Red tailed Goodieds Electric blue hap male Large Filament Barbs Glossolepis dority rainbowfish Julichromis ornatus Electric Yellows Black mollies Pseudotropheus Msobo cichlid group 1male 3 female Fundulopanchax gardneri Aphyosemion christyi Corydoras trilineatus Panda guppies Xiphophorus montezumae (Montezuma swordtail) Elassoma evergladei (Everglades Pygmy Sunfish) Jenynsia onca (Spotted One-sided Livebearer) Cories : reynoldsi, hasbrosus, pygmaeus, imitator, guapore, polystictus, caudimaculatus, arcuatus, concolor, brochis, green avenues. Plecos L243, 201,L169, L34, L91,128- blue phantom, 200- yellow hifin phantoms L254 blue spot Hypancistrus furunculus L199 Ancistrus sp Snowflake Plants Tiger vals pelia Red tiger lotus vallesnaria contortion & americana rotala wallichi ulvaceus Mexican Oak Leaf Water sprite Frog bit Water Hyacinth Marsilea Cryps Stargrass Anubias Uruguay Sword Rotala Indica Bolbitis Staruogyne Glossostigma Lindernia Subwasswetang Amoracia aquatica Alternatheira Rotala macrandra Bacopas moneiri australis. Low light plants Cyperus alternifolius (2 lots)
  14. Wow, every single response here was awsome and responsibly written. I too don't want to see LFS go extinct. As consumers we can use our buying power to influence what I consider a road to win, win for everyone. What I'm going to suggest will not only keep fish stores in business but help local breeders as well, and in doing this will inevitably offer healthier fish to consumers. When you go to your LFS ask for locally raised fish. They will probably look at you like your head is made of cheese. But if enough of us do this, stores will catch on. There is a demand for locally raised fish. Fish that haven't travelled thousands of miles, cramped in overcrowded bags where the survivors, though healthy, are weekened by stress and prone to disease. As mentioned by many posts above, local breeders have fewer tanks and more time to care for their fish. Their fish are raised in local water conditions and are subjected only to a short trip to the fish store. Resulting in stronger fish, less susceptible to paracites and disease that circulate through display tanks. The truth be known, 80% of the fish exported from Asia to North America are Asia's culls. Truth be known, WE GET THE JUNK. i've heard this from many importers and wholesalers. Europe gets the second best but the best they just don't export. Asia breeds lots of fish because they love fish. But only a small percentage of fry will be quality, so the culls are sent to us. If you want quality fish, buy from local breeders who search far and wide, even bring in or smuggle fish in their suit cases to get good breeding stock and then raise healthy, quality fry.