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  1. Angelfish Attacks Heater?

    If it's a female angel, she could be looking to spawn on the heater, especially if there's a lack of other objects for her to spawn on. Angels will clean off any surface with their mouth if they are going to spawn on it, and this could be exactly what she is doing. If you are concerned about it, try planting some broad leaf plants in the tank, or even lean a slate tile in a corner of the tank for her. My angels spawned everywhere, filter intakes, heaters, but they always liked broad leaf plants (anubias or something similar) and a medium sized slate tile leaned at a 45 degree angle or so. If that's not it, then I'm not sure. She could just be bored, but my bet is that she is looking for a place to lay eggs.
  2. Discus Skinny, Not Eating

    Ahh awesome ok, thank you. The water is very clean. I do water changes every 4 or so days, and the tank is spotless but I'll make an effort to keep it even more clean in the new year. Thanks for the tip on the black worms too!
  3. Discus Skinny, Not Eating

    Ahh awesome. Thank you very much!!!
  4. Discus Skinny, Not Eating

    Awesome thank you very much. I have a 25 gallon around here somewhere I'll get that set up tomorrow. Sounds like I also may have to stop the frozen blood worms and brine shrimp I have been feeding them. Where do you get your freeze dried foods, and what else are you feeding them, if you don't mind me asking? The only thing that they really seem to like is the frozen brine shrimp cubes I feed them every couple of days. Thanks!!
  5. Hey all. I have an 85 gallon planted tank with 5 discus. I have recently noticed that my juvenile red pigeon has stopped eating, and become very skinny, with a concave looking stomach. It just does not look healthy, and has faded color. Any ideas on what this could be, and how I could treat? All the other fish look fine, and no new fish have been added for a couple months. Thanks!!
  6. What Are You Actively Trying To Breed?

    My big goal would be to breed Altum angels in the next couple of years. I know it is tough, but I think it could be done. Right now I am breeding a pair of blue angels, some guppies, rams, and hopefully some cacatuoides soon!
  7. Manacapuru Angelfish

    Great looking fish! How many did you get?
  8. Calgary Auction October 14Th

    Blue rams! And maybe some guppies, if they're big enough...
  9. Electric Blue -0- Petricolas -1-

    Wow, they are looking nice. I never gave mine a chance to raise, but I bet they'll catch on. Glad to hear that you have got some good spawning from them. I had two nice batches of angel eggs eaten by a couple of cories yesterday. I laughed when I saw that you had experienced something similar! Hope you get some fry soon!
  10. Electric Blue -0- Petricolas -1-

    Are those some of the ones I sold you? They look awesome!
  11. Electric Blue Ram Fry

    Thanks! I will!
  12. Electric Blue Ram Fry

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. I was on vacation, and had not thought to check my posts since I got home. I do not use RO water, and honestly do not know my parameters. I just use straight tap water, no conditioners or anything. I do weekly waterchanges of anywhere from 50 - 60% I will actually probably be testing them in the next week or so, as I had to tear down my 135 gallon, where my parents lived. All of my angels died again, for the second time this year, so I was fed up and did it. I am just in the proccess of getting it started again. I will try to respond back pretty quickly. Other than that, my rams are completely electric blue now. I still have about 15 - 20 that I kept for myself, and they look good. Just hoping that they dont get whatever my angels had! I also have about 60 german blue ram fry now, and they are about half an inch, with one huge male who is an inch. Had to seperate him, because he was eating some of his smaller siblings! Ahah, I had no idea that one would grow that much faster than its siblings...
  13. Canadian Aquabid

    Glad to see the site getting some more traffic!
  14. Electric Blue Ram Fry

    Haha! I like it.
  15. Electric Blue Ram Fry

    My pair ate their eggs...