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  1. Ficus leaves

    You can use Alder cones, they lower PH and supposedly have anti fungal properties and Alder trees grow in Alberta. Do a search in 'inverts' for indian almond leaves and you will come up with some information, also where you can harvest them. Nancy
  2. they resemble hydra, caused by overfeeding, (is this even possible on this tank, are there other fish aside from T. Mary), I searched the database in Emergencies and somewhere it said that 3 spot gourami fry and mystery snails eat hydra, maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in. Maybe T. Mary should be in a quarantine tank, and do another massive w/c on this one. I would take out the extra filter that you are using to seed this tank, maybe something came in on this, they also come in on plants, rinse all your plants even under the leaves. I'm not a fan of meds at all - I would go the massive w/c route every other day and withhold food. I also read that if you cut a hydra in half trying to scrape it off the glass then you could end up with 2 hydra, but perhaps that isn't true. don't use your net on any other tank, let it dry out that usually kills everything. sorry i'm not much help, good luck. Nancy
  3. New To S/a Cichlids

    I have a 120 SA tank filled with different Severums, angels and my favourite L# plecos. They are all peacefully co-existing. Though I must say not as exotic as Discus. (nor as fussy with water conditions either. Nancy
  4. Bristlenose Pleco Breeding

    they will eat from the side of the glass, plus if you are feeding the parents zucchini or pellets the fry will eat that. I breed them all the time and never make any effort to feed them different. However if they are in a community tank they could become sushi for the others
  5. Issue With Serps

    same here, I clicked on FunkSolid's link and it took a while to disentangle myself from that, but it happens on and off for me as well.
  6. Need An Id

    did he call it a Haplochromis - it looks like one of the many Electric Blue, Sciaenochromis fryeri from Lake Malawi or maybe a ahli (instead of fryeri) - look up on Cichlid Profiles for lots of pictures - or lots of really knowledgeable people on this site will wade in for sure.
  7. Lubricating Canister Filter Seal...

    oh oh, I have been using petroleum jelly for decades. what disaster will happen?
  8. Login Problems

    it's fixed! THANK YOU TANKER
  9. Heater For Nano

    50 w. will do it, I got one from walmart - they are ideal if you don't need them for shrimp, 5" in length, but preset at 78 which is too high for your shrimp I believe. it might be worth a trip to WM to see if they have some that are not preset, I think I paid around $13 a few years back.
  10. Hello! :)

    Welcome - good time to join, you will find information about the Calgary Aquarium Society big auction in October, keep an eye out, it isn't to be missed if there are fish and plants you would like to have. Nancy
  11. Where To Get Steel Stand?

    Gold's will also make you up a steel stand, very reasonably.
  12. Tap Water And Shrimp?

    I am experimenting breeding CRS SSS grade in Calgary tap water. I had a 50% loss but managed to breed and successfully bring up 10 so far, hopefully if I can get these 10 to breed then I am on the way. There is absolutely no issue breeding any of the cherries in Calgary tap water. I know Franco keeps all his exotic shrimp in Calgary tap water, and they breed, so it can be done. Just takes patience I guess (and $).
  13. New Aquariums Owner From Calgary

    Welcome! - your clowns will do wonderfully well in your 60g once it is cycled. You will find a wealth of knowledge on these sites, plus wonderful prices. Consider joining the Calgary Aquarium Society as well, there are monthly auctions of fish and plants at very very reasonable prices and informative lectures. Nancy
  14. Loss Of Power Please Read

    I just watched this really informative video on u-tube that would certainly work for a lot of us in the event of a power outage with minimal cash outlay called: HOW TO SURVIVE A POWER OUTAGE by The King of DIY. It more or less covers everything above, with interesting advice on how to heat or cool your tanks. the one problem I can see right off is that i notice you have 50 tanks as you need a battery powered air pump for each tank but maybe at least there is something from the video you can salvage.
  15. Hydor Filter

    I bought a Fluval FX6 a few months ago for a very cloudy 110 cichlid tank. Cleared it up wonderfully. I loved it, it is soooooo quiet, so i went out and bought two more for my 2 - 90 gallon tanks. They do a wonderful job on messy cichlid tanks that's for sure but it is a massive filter and a bit cumbersome if you have it underneath your tank. Prior to this I was running an aquaclear 110 together with a rena xp4 on each tank and always had cloudy water.