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  1. I'm so excited!!!

  2. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    LOL Good question - maybe a surrogate grandparent?
  3. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    They look so cute fishclubgirl!! Proud grandparent
  4. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    OMG - That is CRAZY!!!!!!! What do the oldest babies look like? Mom - Koi Dad - Black Marble
  5. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    I can accomodate another tank for you. A nice 30g maybe? I am so glad he is "Happy" He was so gorgeous
  6. Trying to get back to the light!!

  7. force feeding a blue angel

    She picked the orphan boy too. Hope your blue does okay and no prozac isn't going to help although we get it in liquid.
  8. Anybody want to lend me 400 dollars??

    You guys are crazy - I'll take the pre-spoiled oscars that want some more room over a single fish for that much. Although I guess had you said it was some sort of Betta I was looking for in a breeding pair I might consider it - LOL
  9. New Dragon PK

    He looks very handsome!!!! I love my red Dragon PK pair!!
  10. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    Can't wait to follow them along their growth!!
  11. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    Wow that many made it - Awesome!!! I have males building bubble nests in their individual homes but need to set up the breeding tanks again. Hopefully tongiht since I cleaned my kitchen tonight. No small feat with the size of it. Give Maddie a smoosh and the kids some fishy crack!! PS - I would love some wild swords in a few weeks for the dayhome tank. Hoping to set it up this weekend and cycle it with the betta, snail and minnows.
  12. Need Advice - Madagascar Lace plant

    Well I will add some mix with the nearby gravel and see - anything that may help. Anyone know the most economical place to get root tabs? I am a member of most everything I can be.
  13. Need Advice - Madagascar Lace plant

    Good to know. I will grab some Root tabs tomorrow. Would planting in in flourite make it happier? I can pot it wil flourite.
  14. So I bought Riverfronts last madagascar lace plant (love 50% off) and now need advice on how best to keep it alive. I have read to keep it in a bit of a current to keep the leaves free of debris but what about fish, substrate, light etc. I have it in a 10g with my banana plant that is doing quite well - yes fishclubgirl - I can grow Banana Plants :tongue: Tank inhabitants are schenops mollies, red velvet swordtails a token betta (needs to be jarred), 2 pygmy cory's and 2 BN plecos. Also an assortment of plants. refillable CO2, about 1.7 wpg - i can do 3wpg if needed, ferts, flourish, trace, iron and potassium weeklyand about 78 degrees. No idea on chemistry - never bother with the kit. Any advice appreciated!!!
  15. Looking for nice betta's in edmonton

    If you wait a bit there may be some nice ones coming into Riverfront. I have heard whispers of a specialty type Betta order possible being placed in the next month or so.