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  1. Hello!

    When you respond or start a post look in the botton left corner it says notify me of replies - toggle it on and you will get a notification of any responses. Jordanne Im in Calgary as well - come to the Aquaticon on Feb 3rd at the Montgomery hall.
  2. Lighting suggestion for 10g

    Thanks Keith I'll call them as I'm rabbing some plants on that side of the city this weekend.
  3. Okay so I'm looking for affordable lights for my 10g planted tanks. I am thinking either single 18" T5ho sunblaster or the Fluval PCL13 or ??? $40 is my price point, no high light plants in them. Suggestions??? I use dual sunblaster bulbs on my other tanks
  4. Hi! But also Help!!!!

    Hi Kate Welcome to AA! Lots of questions to help us help you How often are fish being fed? Gravel being vacuumed and or water changed? What type of plants? How often have you added salt? We all understand the frustrations. Your tests are good but wondering if there is something else going on. Jordanne
  5. Lighting suggestion for 10g

    I'm having trouble finding sunblaster fixtures. Quick grow only carries the bulbs now. Going to check the garden centers and a few other hydroponic places.
  6. Hello!

    Welcome to AA!! What city are you in? It can help us direct you to people.
  7. AQUATICON CALGARY 2018 A Tropical and Marine Aquatics Fair and Exposition HOSTED BY: CALGARY AQUARIUM SOCIETY (CAS) (Fish, Plants, Corals, Invertebrates and Amphibians along with the equipment and the information necessary to maintain them) Venue: Montgomery Community Association 5003 16th Ave. NW Calgary, Alberta Date: February 3, 2018 Open to invited Guests 10:00 – 11:00 am Open to Public 11:00 – 4:00 pm
  8. Ok so this tank is the bain of my existence. I have a giant green sailfin Molly that is like typhoid mary. First she had ich, treated tank with high heat and salt and it resolved quickly. A week later I notice a wound on her side looks either parasitic or fungal. Same night I notice free swimming threadworms, some other thing stuck to the glass. Started treating daily with paraguard and a serious w/c and gravel vac and soaked several of the plants on h2o2 and removed to a qt. Now these f***ing polyp things within a week and the wound still isnt better. I need this tanks under control. What do I do? Add another treatment? Daily w/c gravel vac? I need to remove 1 ofnthe filters there are 2 on this tank it was supposed to be for a new tank to seed the filter. Should I ditch everything in the filter or dip media in paraguard and scrub the inside of thebfilter with h2o2?
  9. Anythimg other than fenbendazole work to treat it? I can get a massive thing from the feed store likely but would rather not try and get the dose out of large animal dewormer. Jordanne
  10. This tank has been completely qt since the first sign of ich. There are mts, 4 adult swords, 7 bn plecos, regular sailfin, giant sailfin, and a handful of sword fry. Feeding has been drastically reduced since first signs.
  11. I'm so excited!!!

  12. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    LOL Good question - maybe a surrogate grandparent?
  13. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    They look so cute fishclubgirl!! Proud grandparent
  14. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    OMG - That is CRAZY!!!!!!! What do the oldest babies look like? Mom - Koi Dad - Black Marble
  15. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    I can accomodate another tank for you. A nice 30g maybe? I am so glad he is "Happy" He was so gorgeous
  16. Trying to get back to the light!!

  17. Spotted at Riverfront

    Stopped in to Riverfront today and they have half a dozen or so Giant Plakat Betta's. Asking $11.99. They look really nice. I only say males but may have missed them.
  18. force feeding a blue angel

    She picked the orphan boy too. Hope your blue does okay and no prozac isn't going to help although we get it in liquid.
  19. Anybody want to lend me 400 dollars??

    You guys are crazy - I'll take the pre-spoiled oscars that want some more room over a single fish for that much. Although I guess had you said it was some sort of Betta I was looking for in a breeding pair I might consider it - LOL
  20. New Dragon PK

    He looks very handsome!!!! I love my red Dragon PK pair!!
  21. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    Can't wait to follow them along their growth!!
  22. A new couple thanks to AA!!

    Wow that many made it - Awesome!!! I have males building bubble nests in their individual homes but need to set up the breeding tanks again. Hopefully tongiht since I cleaned my kitchen tonight. No small feat with the size of it. Give Maddie a smoosh and the kids some fishy crack!! PS - I would love some wild swords in a few weeks for the dayhome tank. Hoping to set it up this weekend and cycle it with the betta, snail and minnows.
  23. So I bought Riverfronts last madagascar lace plant (love 50% off) and now need advice on how best to keep it alive. I have read to keep it in a bit of a current to keep the leaves free of debris but what about fish, substrate, light etc. I have it in a 10g with my banana plant that is doing quite well - yes fishclubgirl - I can grow Banana Plants :tongue: Tank inhabitants are schenops mollies, red velvet swordtails a token betta (needs to be jarred), 2 pygmy cory's and 2 BN plecos. Also an assortment of plants. refillable CO2, about 1.7 wpg - i can do 3wpg if needed, ferts, flourish, trace, iron and potassium weeklyand about 78 degrees. No idea on chemistry - never bother with the kit. Any advice appreciated!!!
  24. Need Advice - Madagascar Lace plant

    Well I will add some mix with the nearby gravel and see - anything that may help. Anyone know the most economical place to get root tabs? I am a member of most everything I can be.
  25. Need Advice - Madagascar Lace plant

    Good to know. I will grab some Root tabs tomorrow. Would planting in in flourite make it happier? I can pot it wil flourite.