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  1. Hydor Eth With Fx5 Filter Or Eheim 2075

    Do you have a sponge on the intake also?
  2. Hydor Eth With Fx5 Filter Or Eheim 2075

    So if I go with the FX5, what is the best way to hide the intake while not sucking up sand or snails?
  3. Hydor Eth With Fx5 Filter Or Eheim 2075

    Is the 5/8" going through the heater ok then? Is it going to be hard on the pump? I guess the other option is to have a split on the output and have one of the splits go through the heater and the other with a valve to restrict a bit but still have flow. Or 2 inline heaters, one for each split and send to each end of the tank. Can I just use normal clear 1 inch hose then and still use the same intake and output nozzles?
  4. Is it a good idea to reduce the output on the FX5 to 5/8" so I can use the Hydor 300watt ETH? What is the best way to do it since the FX5 hoses are ribbed? Or is it a better idea to get the Eheim 2075 instead?
  5. Water Changes W/ Hose

    Yep. just tee off the washer outlets.
  6. Water Changes W/ Hose

    I've got a hot and cold line with valves running into a filter that has a valve and single outlet. The 2 first valves are set at the temp I want and then I just turn the water on to pass through the filter and fill the tank. Very close every time unless I'm running hot water elsewhere.
  7. Bicher And Wolf Fish

    Yes I have. Had zero problems.
  8. Well Water

    I use our well water that is run through a conditionner for pretty much everything except the shrimp. We have high iron in our water and high pH.
  9. Red Deer Lfs

    What cichlids? I'm open to all ideas that don't dig and eat plants.
  10. Red Deer Lfs

    I'm actually closer to Edmonton than Red Deer. The thing is I'm now going to RDC for 2 months and rarely go to Edmonton. I was just hoping that there was somewhere to go check out. I'll probably head up to All Seasons at one point. I'm starting to run out of MgSO4 and KNO3. As for fish, I'm not sure what I'm looking for yet. I'd love to find some young senegal bichirs around 2-3 inches and not sure what else. I have a recently empty 55 that I'd like to stock.
  11. Red Deer Lfs

    Where is a good place to go and have a look at fish in Red Deer and is there anywhere that sells dry ferts there or do I have to go to All Seasons in Edmonton?
  12. Just sold the last fish from my 55gal tank and would like ideas on what to put in it. It's somewhat planted with sand so I don't really want anything that eats plants or digs. Had some young senegal bichirs a little while ago and would like to get some more but can't find them anywhere so I'm willing to try something else out. Currently in my 90 I've got an oscar, JD and an ornate bichir which is what I'm interested in for types of fish I guess. Any ideas are great Thanks.
  13. Beard Algae

    I had a bunch of algae problems in my one tank. I have a T5HO with 2 bulbs on a 90gal. All I did was take out one of the bulbs and problem solved.
  14. Purifying Well Water

    I've been using well water since I've had fish. The water does run through a water conditionner which means also a 5 micron and a carbon filter. That's mostly because our water had enough iron in it to turn everything brown. Otherwise I have no issues with most fish. I couldn't keep shrimp alive until I started using distilled water, but that's only a 5 gallon tank so it's not much extra work.
  15. Everytime I've read up on auto water change systems people include a chemical injector. They are quite simple to operate. Not sure on cost though.