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  1. Angelfish With Balance Issues?

    Probably due to a swim bladder disorder. It can be caused by constipation (feed shelled peas), internal bacteria infection (meds), or could be a genetic disorder. I'm assuming if it just started recently than it is not the 3rd possible problem. A good thing to try if the peas don't work is to either quarantine the fish and add epsom salt to the tank, or just add epsom salt to your entire tank.
  2. Rescued Aro- Cloudy Eyes Now With Growths

    Yea my Asian can't get enough super worms lol. One thing the previous owner did was feed the hell out of this silver. It is really thick, so I'm too worried about him not eating for a while.
  3. Rescued Aro- Cloudy Eyes Now With Growths

    Is that growth a part of the cloudy eye or is it fungal?
  4. Anyone Else Have A Giant Gourami?

    I had one when I was 14. That was before I did any research into what I was buying. I bought him at 12" and the pet store said he was done growing... he ended up not being able to turn around very well in a 18" wide tank within 6 months after I got him. He was probably about 20" and ate literally anything that hit the water.
  5. Rescued Aro- Cloudy Eyes Now With Growths

    this is what it looks like. The growth comes off the eye about a half a centimeter
  6. I rescued an aro last Sunday and it's eyes were cloudy and now there is a bubbly, cottage cheese growth looking thing on one of the eyes. I have been maintaining a 40% water change daily for the last week, but have seen no change in the fish. He is swimming around normally but not eating. Any insight on the eyes and what I can do for it. I have increased temp to 86 and added 1 tsp of salt per gallon.
  7. Cheapest Place To Get 3/8" Glass In Edmonton

    I was actually more looking for a place to order and cut glass. I know aquagiant is pretty cheap to get tanks made, but they don't carry 3/8" glass. Or at least not at the moment.
  8. Cheapest Place To Get 3/8" Glass In Edmonton

    Thanks for the heads up too!
  9. Cheapest Place To Get 3/8" Glass In Edmonton

    Do they have large panes as well? I'm looking for something around the 6-7 foot mark?
  10. Just like the title says. I'm looking at building an aquarium. Thanks
  11. Pregnant Guppy?

    I just had 3 that dropped babies on me and none were that big yet. Maybe they were spooked by the water change I did and let them out early? They were all about the same as the one in this post. I have about 50 babies from the 3, but they were all small mothers.
  12. Clown Knife Pooping Red

    Figured as much lol sucks but oh well. The shrimp multiply like crazy so I only need a few to get them going again. haha
  13. Just got a 4 inch clown knife from pet smart and had an ammonia spike in my ten gallon after adding him. I didn't want to risk losing it so I added it to my cherry shrimp tank. I'm assuming the red poops are from eating the red cherry shrimp, but I just want to make sure it's not something else. lol His belly is full and he I haven't noticed eat anything else I've thrown in the tank. The ammonia spike has passed in the ten gallon so I moved him back in there. Ammonia spike was caused from me being dumb and buying 50 feeder fish for the baby peacock bass I have. Excuse the tinge of yellow in the shrimp tank. Tannins are leaking from driftwood and tap water is testing for ammonia so I'm holding off on water changes.
  14. Good Canister Filter?

    I've got fluval fx6's, a rena xp4 and a small eheim. I really like both the fx6 and the rena, but the eheim I have is a bit dated so my opinion on it is irrelevant. lol The only thing I dislike about the fx6 is the hoses. Can't run anything inline with swapping them out with normal tubing, which is doable...just a bit of a pain. Not sure where your information on flow comes from. The fx6 puts out 925 gallons per hour. You've got about 10 times turnover in your 90 gallon. lol
  15. Fish Dying

    What are your water parameters?