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  1. 240 Gallon Plwood And Glass Tank And Stand

    Any reason you didn't cut the entire picture window out but left the brace-looking pieces? Great build
  2. Concrete Pond In Edmonton A Bad Idea?

    Assuming you dig your pond deep enough that it's below the frost line and keep it heated, there's no reason to insulate under the slab. It won't freeze there anyway.
  3. Ground Level Ponds In Excess Of 1500Gl

    Koiphen.com - you won't find a better source of info on ponds. If you want koi, go deep and do it right, bottom drains and all. Stacked cinder blocks (w/rebar and filled w concrete) is an easy way for anyone to build their own solid pond.
  4. Melanotaenia Parva

    Stunning rainbows as always Ric. Thanks for sharing the pics and info!
  5. Found In Alberta? Solved

    Mud puppy
  6. Id These Guys

    Gotta love the random feeders they'll send up. Could be tilapia - I've got one that I just needed to know what it was so I grew it out, though admittedly those do look different at this size.
  7. You Won't Believe What I Found At The Lfs!

    Very cool score!
  8. Over Filtered, Ok To Overstock?

    I don't know if there's many fish that will school well in a smaller tank, especially once they're comfortable with their surroundings.
  9. An inch per gallon shouldn't be used as a 'rule', though it does sometimes happen that's where a stocking recommendation ends up (and moreso with smaller tanks). Under this circumstance, without knowing more about the experience of the fiishkeeper, dimensions, filtration, or anything else thats what I'd recommend based on my 20 years of keeping african cichlids. Had the OP asked how many 12" oscars or jags, I'd have said one ( and even that wouldn't be good long term); 1" tetras, then maybe 30-60+ depending on species (plus catfish/bottom dwellers and even potential surface dwellers); SA cichlids, one pair of 4-6" fish. To use an inch per gallon as a rule, doesn't take any of these variables into account.
  10. An inch per gallon is old school and completely out to lunch. You could potentially do 10-12, depending on filtration, maintenance, and how the fish are towards one another. But be prepared to remove some if necessary.
  11. What Will I Get?

    There could be the chance the calico could be carrying the albino gene; if any fry are albino, it would answer that question. Albinism is a recessive gene - so the albino make has 2 albino genes, whereas the calico is unknown, and could potentially carry the gene but not show it. I'm not sure if the calico and long fin genes are linked, so can't help w the ratios.
  12. Leo/pearl X Pearl Stingrays

    Wicked looking rays.
  13. Xingu Sp. X Leopoldi Stingray Pups!

    Wicked looking pups, and a big congrats! There can't be too many others in North America who've had pups from Xingu's. Makes me really miss my rays... Any chance of some pics of the adults?
  14. Filter Set Up?

    FX5 alone should be good. I like to use HOB's in combination with most canisters as an extra polishing filter, but I've found the FX5 has enough flow that you should be fine without anything extra.
  15. Cloudy Everytime?!

    How long is the water 'aging' before you put into the tank? I vaguely remember the same thing happening in the past with water changes, but have always just attributed it to tiny air bubbles due to filling the tank up directly from a faucet/hose. If nothing is affected, why worry?