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  1. Cyprichromis

    Thx Some other country forums are calling them non jumbo but it appears they are. On the search for Utinta Thx again
  2. Cyprichromis

    Hi all I'm looking at getting back into cyprichromis as I have had them in the past but am far from being an expert on them. I have had Utinta and a couple jumbo varieties but would like the non jumbo as it will be a 90 gallon tank. My question is Spencer Jack has Cyprichromis leptosoma Mamalesa in stock Is that a non jumbo type ? Is it as nice as Utinta ? Not a lot of info on the web Is there any other non jumbo around besides Utinta and blue flash ? Thx for looking and I appreciate any info,
  3. Hi Everyone,

    Hey I had a big ghost knife for a bit How big is your ghost now
  4. 11 Cyprichromis Kitumba 7.00 each 50.00 group oboOne pair Black Calvus 3" and 2" 10.00 obo

    Can u send to me pics, & your local I wan to buy these fish

  5. Glass cleaner

    You could try zebra nerite snails.These guys are great little algae busters and do not breed in fresh water.Only draw back is they leave little white eggs around sometimes.
  6. Tang cichlids in Canada

    Bought a background from him.Nice guy.No tangs though
  7. Tang cichlids in Canada

    Hey everyone.Know this question has been asked alot but what sources for tanganyika cichlids do you know of. Canada?---Us(that ships here)?---Breeders in a Canada?.As you know it's always nice to browse for fish on the web that are attainable.And not too far away for those hard to ship species.These are the ones I have heard about. Canada -Fairdeal -Spencer Jack -Aquariumshop.ca -Tropical Fever -PN aquaria -TNT aquatica Us -Rocky Mountain cichlids -Rift Zone aquatics Can anybody add to the list.Prefer Canada of course!! Cheers.
  8. Enantiopus sp. kilesa spawning colours

    Right on! What was the size when you got them and how fast was the growth rate? One month and color showing.Nice!!! What are you feeding.NLS and......?
  9. Enantiopus sp. kilesa spawning colours

    J.S.--Jack Spencer. If I get too many females and not enough males maybe we can trade down the road.Cheers
  10. Enantiopus sp. kilesa spawning colours

    Awesome!! Just ordered some from J.S. yesterday.Whats your m/f ratio?
  11. Enantiopus melanogenys

    Decided not to get the melanogenys.They only had 5 left and Kilesa is what I really want to try.Also they were wild and thats ok if you want to breed them and sell f1 fry.Read on the internet that they stop breeding at about 3yrs old.Is that true? If you buy wild and they are full grown, how do ya know how old they are.Heard f1 is better? Got a 125gal coming 60x20x24 and wanna get 10ish kilesa from J.S. Didn't know the cyps might not breed with the kilesa.Will the kilesa breed with the cyps? If the cyps don't breed thats ok.Just want some tangs for the top portion of the tank.Thanks for the info burbot.Cheers.Rob
  12. Enantiopus melanogenys

    Hi everyone.Rd gave me a heads up that Golds had E. melanogenys and Kilesa in.Went there this morning to have a look.Only had one pair of kilesa left and the female kicked the bucket right in front of me.Did have 6 of the e. m's. and wild too.Looks like 3m/3f.Could'nt resist and put my name on them.Dennis won't sell them yet till he knows their ok.He made me a good deal and I ordered a 60x20x24 tank with top and stand.Crossing my fingers that the fish recover from the shipping.Was thinking of painting the back of the tank black and black sand with a few rocks to break up line of sight.Any other suggestions? If they do survive I was thinking of adding a group of cyp utintas with them down the road.Not sure though as I really want to breed them.Any ideas or input on care would be great.Tank should be ready in a couple weeks so have time to prep.Cheers. Rob
  13. Need advice and input on new tank

    Thanks RD for the heads up on the Kilesa.Gave them a call and their wild for 69.00.If I was set up already I probally would be driving there right now.Gonna take your advice and go for a 5ft 120gal with two 2217.Cheers Rob
  14. Need advice and input on new tank

    Thanks everyone for the input.Two eheim 2217 for sure.Cyp and kilesa only for sure.What size group of cyp should I shoot for?.Just gotta decide on tank size.Will be at least 120 gal.Cheers. Rob
  15. Hey everyone.As some of you might have seen I am selling off some stuff to go towards a new Tank.Enantiopus sp. Kilesa has been on my wish list for a long time and I see Jack Spencer has them.Was hopeing to get in on a group order in the near future.Also was thinking about cyprichromis utinta to go with them.I have room in my office for a 4 or 5 foot tank. 90 or 120? Got a quote from fish4fun on a 120 48x24x24 with glass tops and stand for 435.00.Filters? See a lot of fans of the fx5.Pets and ponds has a sale on for 348.99 with full media and 500ml prime or I was thinking their eheim 2217 184.99 and 2215 144.99 both with media for a total of 330.00.They ship for free over 200.00.Is it better to have two so you can clean one at a time? Is this too much filtration? What kind of sand should I use and color for best show? Number of fish? Other tankmates if any? Lights? Decor? All advice and input would be great.Pretty big investment for me so any ideas to keep cost reasonable is good too.Cheers Rob