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    Chevy Nova's Arowana and beer ;)
  1. 4 Foot Beamworks Led Needs Repair?

    yup it worked like a charm!!! went and found a laptop adapter that has the same specs spliced it and were back!!! thanks a ton guys!!! hope its ok i spliced both fixtures to the same powersource.... waiting for the cheap ones to come from china lol
  2. 4 Foot Beamworks Led Needs Repair?

    Awesome guys ill order a set right away! i pray thats it they were very nice
  3. i have 2 48" beamworks LED units and both are not working. when you turn them on they are on for a second then go dead.... where could a guy get them fixed local? anyone have any ideas how they could be fixed?
  4. Hovering Rays

    Got to agree with skynoch.... any time i see rays look like they are playing in current or bubbles there is something seriously wrong with my water..... This is just my own experience however but either way get an ammonia test kit
  5. The Arowanas Have Come Back Home :)

    Ohh the 26" is a DFI AA super red... the diablo is about 15" now The big guy is just starting to color up..... he has been living without any lights for a few years so my reef LEDs are really getting him to darken up now.... fingers crossed the base i can see turns into red the camera picks up Diablo
  6. My 6 Month Run At Reefing :)

    Ohh the sump is back in full swing same with some reactors and the ATO sensors Look up my arowana post in oddballs
  7. The Arowanas Have Come Back Home :)

    lol i always forget she gets in there.... great trip to mexico one year....came back with a maniquinn lol
  8. I switched my 300 over to a reef for 6 months before i RAN back to fresh.... this is where i got before i decided i missed my arowanas I never had any trouble with it....just wasnt for me. It was awesome and an amazing learning experience..... You guys have my respect
  9. My Anubias Has Alge On It?

    so funny story.... Got a pleco in there.... All of it was gone the next day... 3 days later everything was super green and new growth within a week. Not gonna lie... Reef LEDs seem to work awesome with this type of plant as long as you have a janitor
  10. Well Im back after a 6 month stint at reefing.... and 3 days after i shut down the tank and sold the live rock and scooped the 4" sandbed..... a 26" super red moved in Right back at home now.... I kept the Bio reactor and a few media reactors as well as the 5500GPH inline pump and the auto top off sensor system so she runs like a dream now... Still went old school with the 6 5gal pails of ceramic rings and 20 gallons of bio balls just to be safe lol. Also finally picked up my first diablo red and rigged up a 180 gallon to my 300 sump for central water changes Im just gettin warmed up but i thought i would post something on here to show im no longer MIA.
  11. My 180 Gal Progression

    Lookin good buddy
  12. Misc Pics

    Wow bro..... looking great as always
  13. My Anubias Has Alge On It?

    yup you are all right, Im going to wipe them off and get the out of the rays for sure. Thanks for the help guys
  14. I think my anubias has alge on it.... I tried silver dollars in there for about an hour and they chewed em up pretty good so i took them out... They have new bright green leaves starting but all the old ones have a brown fur on them? should i cut them or just let it be? Im using reef LED lighting over them with a 2700k flourecent aswell.
  15. Peat?

    If its blackwater tea your making and not using almond leaves... the stuff Jvision said i have used... as long as you use a few layers of pantyhose it works real well and wont go everywhere.