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  1. Check Out This Boy

    He's gorgeous!!
  2. Looking for micro vals, micro crypts or other lowlight plants. New tank set up. 25 gallon. Red deer Amy
  3. My Latest Adventure

    Looks awesome! I gotta sneak over for a peek soon. o_O Amy
  4. Just got our newest Pygo (dont ask me what kind, ask Neesmo) yesterday on a shipment from peru via Harold and Jorg. gotta say its one sexy fish. Packaged extremely well with hard platic between bags to prevent puncture. It will be quarantined for at least a month if not longer. hopefully train it to eat NLS like the rest of ours already do. here is one crappy pic from my phone from unpacking. (during acclimation) enjoy Amy if pic doesnt work here is a direct link http://i5.photobucke...3FB9F6-orig.jpg
  5. Playing With My Camera

    Dang jay those are extremely close shots. now i must get a macro.. pehaps when that dang wood comes in :-\. im so impaitient! gah. my fav shot is the rummy nose for sure. nothing beats that contrast.
  6. Temporary 20 Gallon

    Nice choice on the rummynose tetras. one of my fav schooling fish by far. I cant wait to see what your 30 will look like. this tank looks stellar so far. Your scapes are aleays so interesting. you will have to snap some pics of your rotala.
  7. i need an address!!!! gah im excited! i need mowr plants!!!!!!
  8. Updates On My Tanks

    holy your crypts grew like crazy!!!
  9. Temporary 20 Gallon

    Looks good Mko. wgat are the plans for stocking? Or will you just crank the co2 and grow mad java fern ;-) Amy
  10. Got a single male festium thats doing very well in with my angels in their 72 gallon. plus a bunch of plants. agreed with the higher prices for some stuff but in the end i got what i came for.. more plants. split some gorgeous vals with a lady sitting in front of me and got a sweet red tiger lotus. ill probably go down to calgary to check out their auction too. even with all the plants i did get it only filled 1/4 of my tank. all in all a great day. exchanged some items for some locals who couldnt make it and that made it worth it. thanks everyone for putting everything together. amy
  11. Plants And Sand?

    Our vals love sand and thrive in it. super easy and fast growing. Try those out vince Amy.
  12. 75 Gallon Dry Start (Updatefeb 29)

    Dang jay thats nice. yeah it usually does die off like that some ppl trim off the dead stuff and let the roots regrow the leaves. hc demands patience. Hopefully you dont have to much die off amy
  13. Need Help

    We had our 5 for close to 3 years before any of them showed any signs of breeding. this is in a 140 gallon with about triple the filtration. keeping them well fed on nls and frozen fish (rare live fish being fed). we ended up with only one female and she prefers to build her nest in the centre of the tank. in the wild they will beat out a circle while doing their mating dance. Expect mass teetg scrapes and bites along the bodies of both fish. She becomes super aggressive (way more so then the male) and will "herd" the 3 other boys to the furthest side of the tank. We have had no trouble breeding in our rock hard water. really we didnt even notice the first time the bred.. just noticed a bit of aggression after the fact. i think the eggs got swooped up by the filter. Second time we purposely culled the free swimmers because we didnt have the time or the tank space to raise baby piranhas. jvision has it right from what piranha forun uk says. large cool water change coupled with little to no light usually does the trick if you have a pair. they may need a large amount of time to get comfortable enough to breed. good luck Amy
  14. Another "save These Fish" Thread

    Even with the studiesbin the wild with dirty water. there is still different water flowing through the area where the fish are living. I think as responsible fish keepers we should try to understand that with constant water flow of even the dirtiest water is still water flow. like jayba said, you wouldnt like sitting stagnant in your own feces. I hope this guy comes to his senses. Amy