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  1. The pic is blurry, but it looks like a wound to me with a bit of an infection. Keep the water clean and maybe add an alder cone or almond leaf if not already in there (they seem to help keep fungus away naturally), and it should clear up shortly.
  2. If you have good husbandry practices, rams can be added just about any time; but, a lot of people have trouble with them in newer tanks. Good circulation, plant health and some MTS to keep the substrate fresh will help keep them healthy. Dwarf gouramis are cool, and males are readily available in a few different colors - they tend to get along with most other fish.
  3. 12 more Cardinals, 8-10 orange-lazer Cory's, 6-8 marble hatchets, 2 angels (get them small enough that they can't eat the Cardinals and they should leave them alone when they get bigger). This is assuming that when you say planted tank, there is not much of the substrate visible. Feed the plants well (I prefer the Estimator Index method of fertilizing - see the pinned topic in the Planted Forum), and your fish will be happy. If your tank just has a few plants, just go with 6 Cory's and the angels, or plan for large WCs a couple times per week.
  4. Is anyone from Edmonton heading down and able to bring home a couple bags from Harold(Fairdeal) for me?
  5. An infected wound. I haven't medicated my fish for years, so I only know off hand what would help. I do know people who've had success spot treating fish with malachite green, but that was a while ago - not even sure it's available anymore as I believe some ingredients are carcinogenic
  6. I think John put in the order last night... PM geleen ASAP to see if you can still get in
  7. The live foods mentioned above stay in the water column a while, and when frozen they don't sink very fast - sounds like your best bet.
  8. As long as you're a member of CAS, you are allowed to sell in the ACE auction. I'd touch base with the auction coordinator to make sure there's room - I believe it's still Michael and can get his email off the ACE website
  9. There are a few brands of food that make a micropellet - my favorite is New Life Spectrum
  10. Endler's Livebearers would be a good choice - I've raised them mixed with shrimp and both populations grew. As would any of the smaller rasboras - add emerald to your list. I think a good sized school of cardinals would be a bit big for a 5 gal tank. You'll want at least 6-8 for a schooling fish, so I'd stick with fish that stay 1" or less.
  11. Do it at night with a flashlight
  12. I think I remember hearing about someone bringing them in last year sometime. "It'll just grow to the size of the tank" is one of the worst "OK Fish Practices" I know.
  13. I've got lots right now. Shoot me a PM for some pics. I'm in the process of setting up a 180gal tank and will probably use a piece or 2... or 8 for it, so come get it before I put it all in the tank!!
  14. Welcome! What size of tank(s) do you have? Are you looking for African cichlids - I've got some young adult Neolamprologus leleupi for sale?
  15. Canar has the best selection of rock. Burnco West (Yellowhead and Henday) also has a good selection. There are several other smaller landscape supply places around that may have what you're looking for as well. Or, if price isn't an issue, stop in at some of the LFS - a lot of them carry different rock products which I assume are purchased at the landscape supply places and mark up the price to cover their overhead and profit.
  16. There is a lot of controversy in feeding beef heart - some people say they've been feeding their breeding stock that for years (some people almost exclusively) and it's great; others say that fishes digestive system has a hard time handling the mammalian protein/fat. Acaras would normally feed on bugs, so I imagine any small crustacean/insect would be great. They'd also eat any worm they came across. Red wrigglers are an excellent food; chop them up to an appropriate size - I have seen fish choke to death trying to swallow pieces that are too big.
  17. I just did a 50% WC on my 125 Tang tank and a 100% SC on my Axolotls (had to move the tank) on Wednesday and everyone is fine. I use a hose, so dose enough Prime (Seachem Safe) to treat the entire volume of the tank... plus over-filtering. I have been doing large WCs on all of my tanks for years and have never really noticed any problems with the seasonal bumps in chloramine with our city supply - I suspect the amount of Safe I dose takes care of any residual ammonia until its consumed by the filters.
  18. Hi

    You won't get any help to stop here, we are ALL enablers. I suggest getting a bigger tank, next. Right now, my SMALLEST tank is 75gal!!
  19. Even the longest rainfall won't change the ambient temp in Lake Malawi much at all. Because the Rift Lakes are so huge, the fish there have adapted to constant water parameters - I notice that some of my Tanganyikan fish don't really like my huge WCs (mainly Synodontis). Fish that live in rivers are very much receptive to the large, cool WCs to induce spawning. I think what gets Rift Lake cichlids going after a bit WC is increased O2, or perhaps a nice big decrease in dissolved salts/organics. That being said, if your fish don't slow down or look distressed, I don't think the drop in temp is that bad.
  20. Just to build on my comment, I think they did a good job with their fish. All complaints were against their other animals, and my thinking is that branching out to other exotics was just too much to handle for Riverfront
  21. I think it's a good lesson on biting off more than you can chew...
  22. The Finnex will cover fine - I had one of the first-gen planted lights grow anything on a 90gal which is 24" deep.
  23. I'm a fan of the Finnex price, but I've found that their power supply only lasts a few years. An LED flood would be cheap, too... just a bit ugly and mounting could be a challenge. I've never used Current USA brands.
  24. For the most part Fish & Wildlife frown on people keeping native species in captivity, so there probably isn't a whole lot of anecdotal husbandry info out there.