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  1. I used the T8 LEDs on an Aquaponics setup and they grew everything I wanted - even had peppers! I have them over a 75gal right now, but would count it as low light - I don't think they have the strength to penetrate the full depth of the tank.
  2. DIY LED powerful enough for high-tech tank

    I tried to order enough for just 1 or 2 lights, but the minimum on the parts I wanted was 25. I'm selling for T5HO for now
  3. Severums

    I know a guy out east that breeds wild plecos in water that's harder than ours - it's maddening! Domestic sevrums should be easy peasy, but you may have to fiddle a little with some of the wild strains. If you feed them well and keep the water clean, I'm sure you'll have success
  4. Lighting

    Hydro Lite or All Seasons Garden Centre
  5. 10g Cherry Shrimp Setup

    There's a group on FB called Edmonton Freshwater Aquarium Community that has several members bringing these things in all the time. If you want to check out a store, I've seen those items at Aquarium Central
  6. I am currently running 24 gal per day drip into a ~280 gal system, and I pass it through 2 x carbon blocks. I think it's time to change the carbon blocks after 4 months, as I'm noticing some behavioral changes - I'll probably change the 1st one now and the 2nd one in a couple months. That way I'll get 4 months per block and always have a new one every 2 months.
  7. Bowing Stand

    If there is room under the stand, you could cut some 2x4 and wedge them vertically to provide support. Are you handy? Have a saw and drill? There are a tonne of YouTube videos on building stands for pretty cheap. Do you know a shop teacher? You could touch base with them and have the students (I'd stick w/ NAIT and post-secondary to be safe, tho High School kids could do it, too) build a stand, maybe for the cost of parts and a couple large pizzas. I've worked out deals like that in the past... though I can't remember where I met the teacher. Might have been this forum or CanReef, maybe somewhere else. Go to used furniture stores - Architectural Clearing House and ReStore are 2 off the top of my head - and get a solid wood desk/cabinet. Check the sales at LFS - you should be able to get a "proper aquarium stand" for less than $300. Though, as you found out, those MDF stands don't last if they get a bit of water on them
  8. Fish transportating

    If you're going to buy from a store, I would buy from fish stores not pet stores, and tell them where you'll be taking the fish. The should put only a few inches of water in the bag with lots of air - some will add a bit of oxygen, but it isn't necessary. There are a few wholesalers who ship via air and you could get your fish sent to you. I've spent thousands of dollars at Spencer Jack's (he's closed while he moves) and Canadian Aquatics. Find others who'll want something from their lists to split the shipping costs.
  9. Question about re-lining pond

    If you're going to the trouble of removing all of the rock, you may as well remove the old liner as well. Keep it for other projects like a small bubbling rock feature, or a self-watering planter box. But, just to answer the question, there is no problem with just throwing a new liner on top of an old liner.
  10. Is this forum dead?

    Bart, I always used Photobucket to post images. Photobucket (or other image sites) gives you almost unlimited storage, and a simple link loads the full size image in the post.
  11. Is this forum dead?

    Not dead... just sleeping
  12. THere are lots of decent pond plants available; at this time of year, AquaLine is going to have your best selection. Earlier in the summer, you can usually get quite a few pond plants at various garden centers - they might still have some available, but usually don't take very good care of them in their little tubs of water in the greenhouse
  13. You could see over 5gal per day evaporated. Put in an ATO if possible. I have not noticed any detriment of adding small amounts of untreated tap water directly to a pond.
  14. I've encouraged clients to keep at least a small opening in the ice, but I have at least 1 who doesn't bother and hasn't reported any losses for quite a few years. If you have emergent plants, don't cut their stalks off until spring - air can travel through their dead, hollow stalks. Otherwise, if an ice dome does form over the bubbles, a hammer or hot water will open that up easy enough.
  15. If your waterfall is short, or you have a good amount of water going over it, you might get away with keeping the whole system running - I've seen 2 systems like that. Usually, I pull the main pump in winter and keep it in the garage. It was recommended to me when I first learned the trade to keep it in a pail of water to keep the seals from drying and cracking; however, if you use a proper lubricant on the O-rings, you could probably get away with just keeping it dry all winter. I just cover the bubbler with a Rubbermaid bin for the winter - something to keep the snow off. If you stop by any of the pond shops around (AquaLine out in Sherwood Park is my favorite) will be able to make sure you have the right size bubbler. For the pump, some guys just pulled the pump from the skimmer and dropped it in the bottom of the pond after fall clean-up. Others bought a fountain pump and keep their main pump inside for the winter. It really depends on the size of your pond & pump
  16. I have built a few ponds for people over the years and have a few clients keep their dish on the pond over winter. All of my ponds are 2 feet max, so I make sure to keep the water moving all winter so it doesn't freeze. I've done this by two different methods - strong bubbler or water pump in the bottom of the pond... I have seen a couple ponds that just ran as is over winter w/o problems. As long as you keep the water moving, it won't freeze and kill your fish.
  17. LIghting Colours/Timing/Fert Questions

    Most "daylight" bulbs have spikes in the blue and red spectrums, which are great for photosynthesis. If you can get the color spectrum for a given bulb, and see that it has a bit of both of those colors, then you're good to go for growing plants. If you're running multiple bulbs, then put your "fish color" bulbs closer to the front.
  18. Possible Tank Seal Issue

    I've seen water whick through the top black brace/trim and drip, causing what you're describing
  19. Tank repair needed...where & who

    It should... but THIS time, make sure to cross your fingers AND toes!
  20. Tank repair needed...where & who

    Silicon alone cannot be used to repair a crack, you'll need another piece of glass that goes beyond the end of the crack. Put enough silicon on the patch that it oozes out the sides, put a weight on it, clean up the ooze, and let it cure for a few days. That will hold.
  21. Apistogramma Red Lips

    The pic is blurry, but it looks like a wound to me with a bit of an infection. Keep the water clean and maybe add an alder cone or almond leaf if not already in there (they seem to help keep fungus away naturally), and it should clear up shortly.
  22. Fish recommendations

    If you have good husbandry practices, rams can be added just about any time; but, a lot of people have trouble with them in newer tanks. Good circulation, plant health and some MTS to keep the substrate fresh will help keep them healthy. Dwarf gouramis are cool, and males are readily available in a few different colors - they tend to get along with most other fish.
  23. Fish recommendations

    12 more Cardinals, 8-10 orange-lazer Cory's, 6-8 marble hatchets, 2 angels (get them small enough that they can't eat the Cardinals and they should leave them alone when they get bigger). This is assuming that when you say planted tank, there is not much of the substrate visible. Feed the plants well (I prefer the Estimator Index method of fertilizing - see the pinned topic in the Planted Forum), and your fish will be happy. If your tank just has a few plants, just go with 6 Cory's and the angels, or plan for large WCs a couple times per week.
  24. Is anyone from Edmonton heading down and able to bring home a couple bags from Harold(Fairdeal) for me?