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  1. Request & Reply Line

    Hi, Looking for some Poecilocharax weitzmani, sometimes called black darter tetras or black morpho tetras. I used to see them occasionally mixed in with wild cardinal shipments. Would like to get a group. Thanks in advance.
  2. I wish my BBA problems were as minor as yours...
  3. Request & Reply Line

    I'd be interested in some Florida Pygmy sunfish as well.
  4. Australheroes Red Ceibal

    Franco's aquariums in Calgary had some a little while back.
  5. Cryptoheroes Nanoluteus

    Interested in purchasing fry.
  6. Fluoridation & Fish

    No effect in the concentrations used in drinking water. Natural fluoride levels are often much higher in rivers/streams/groundwater.
  7. Login Problems

    Same problem on iPhone - works on iPad.
  8. In Search Of Kribs

    Common at any shop - Piscies has some right now.
  9. Anyone Breeding Uncommon Livebearers

    I have Xiphophorus cortezi if you have anything interesting to trade.
  10. Missed the auction unfortunately but curious as to how much the Elassoma evergladei (Everglades Pygmy Sunfish) went for. Have been looking for these for years.
  11. Cas Auction October 18Th

    I have Xiphophorus cortezi if you have anything interesting to trade.
  12. Riverfront often has some massive show pieces.
  13. Where To Buy Tilapia

    Riverfront has tons of Nile Tilapia.
  14. Request & Reply Line

    Hi - looking for Cryptoheros sajica (T-bar cichlid) and Psuedocrenilabrus multicolour (Egyptian mouthbrooder). Both were common years ago but I never see them anymore. Also interested in any types of sunfish and North American native fish that pop up on your lists. Thanks!
  15. Mayan Terrors

    Hope you sell some offspring if you get them to breed. I have been looking for these for a long time.