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  1. Welcome to AA. I would start cycling that tank right away. Get a heater and a air stone and some ammonia and start the cycle. I'm just finishing my cycle and I wish I would of started it earlier.
  2. Did the Shellie's choose the barnacles?
  3. Beauty gh xb. Dream fish are always so nice. Beautiful setups.
  4. Best way to tell if it is velvet is to turn off the lights and shine flashlights over the fish. Velvet will reflect almost sparkle
  5. Sounds like the problem my aro tank has. Up to now the only thing I could do,that made a difference was to increase water changes and decrease the amount of time the lights are on. Never thought of supplementing bacteria
  6. I agree with cully, leave the ph be. A stable ph is more of the goal you would like to accomplish. And if you have to always adjust the ph,you don't have a stable ph. Like others said I would work on building up the beneficial bacteria. Do large water changes, feed less, and continue to test water. Good luck!
  7. Haha yeah np. Every 110 and fx6 I own came from one of these petsmart sales. I almost bought a spare 110 but I already have a spare new in box one still.
  8. All ac filters are half price till nov 30. As well with the fluval canister filters. Not sure about fx6 though. All others half off. All at petsmart
  9. Yeah I went by last week looking for some plants. A empty store. Too bad.
  10. Haha cool story. Animals have a strong survival instinct. I cleaned out a tank once. Took out my lace rock. Let the let lace rock lay in a large Tupperware for six hours. When I went to put the lace rock back in I noticed a little noise in the rock. There in a hole with a little moisture left in it was a oil cat. Alive and well. Still lives to this day.
  11. Haha yeah there is a store just south of yellow head on fort road. Great owners great light deals
  12. Haha I have also just got the Cory bug. I think I have close to fifty orange and green lasers in a tank. Hilarious to watch
  13. I would also have to say keep the green or blue. I have a six or seven inch blue and it's quite impressive
  14. Agree with Jvision it's a green or a blue for sure. Only real difference that I can ever tell is color and brightness.
  15. Lots of stingray owners on ths site. Quite a few aro owners here as well. Myself included.