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  1. 38g Bowing (DIY Center Brace?)

    Hi there, I actually used JB-weld and a piece of acrylic I had lying around which fixed the bowing for the most part but thanks for the info. I've had very minimal bowing on tanks in the past and this one freaked me out (probably more than it should have).
  2. 38g Bowing (DIY Center Brace?)

    Hey all, I recently picked up a used 38g aquarium for a good price. I filled it up and didn't give it too much thought at first but on closer inspection it was bowing quite a lot tonight. I quickly pulled water from it without checking just how much it was bowing and would now feel better if it had a center brace. What's my best DIY option here? It currently has a plastic trim piece on the top but doesn't appear to have ever had a center brace. I was considering removing the trim and getting 3 pieces of glass that I would install on top of the tank with silicone in place of the trim or possibly adding a piece of acrylic sheet between the existing trim pieces and bonding it together somehow. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  3. Ace Auction

    Wow it's busy this morning!
  4. Ace Auction

    Hey guys, when is the spring auction? Is there a set date? Thanks.
  5. 29G Planted Tank Starting To Come Along

    Lower light period just equals less work. I've had it as low as 6 hours a day with a thriving a tank. I suppose it depends what you're going for.
  6. 29G Planted Tank Starting To Come Along

    Things look good for now but running that much light over that tank for 8 hours a day will result in a LOT of algae at some point, your Anubias leaves and glass will be covered. For foreground plants I've always been a big fan of pygmy chain swords. Best of luck with the tank, make sure to take weekly shots so you can really see the progress!
  7. Auction Time!

    I came away with a sub-adult Red Devil, gorgeous fish. And I stole him for 5$. He's fitting in nicely in my CA tank. Also got a couple cans of food for my Chinese Water Dragon. Great auction.
  8. Auction Time!

    I'd like to bring some driftwood with Anubias attached but can't find any way I can get them up there in sale-able condition... Suggestions?
  9. Moving Up... My Pure Red Line Crs

    Mind-bogglingly jealous. My CRS breeding project didn't pan out, yours is absolutely thriving!
  10. Finnex Fugeray Planted+

    I have 3 of the 24" inch lights and they're fantastic. I was wondering if I could get away without co2 with a modest photo-period and couldn't do it though, algae like crazy.
  11. Tap Water And Shrimp?

    Depends what your tap water is like :P Are you interested in breeding your CRS? They require fairly specific TDS, GH, and KH to breed.
  12. Tap Water And Shrimp?

    I recently tried this experiment and the CRS just didn't thrive like the Cherrys did (I used Yellow Shrimp but they're the same species).
  13. Stupid Me, Fish And Dogs Don't Mix

    Ohhhhhhh man, that's awful. You only lost the one though? Wow.
  14. Spring Auction

    You got that massive piece? I missed when that went. Yeeeah I did, now I have to waterlog the thing.
  15. Spring Auction

    Brought home some thorichthys helleri, honduran red points (they're looking a little rough, worried about them!), some spotted Raphael's, some BN plecos, and a massive piece of driftwood.