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  1. Discus And Leopard Ctenopoma

    I have 2 clown loaches with my Discus planted tanks, the loaches eat really fast and I think it thought my discuses to eat faster with them if not they will go to bed with no dinner. They have been together for about 2 years approximately.
  2. Looks like the eyes are gonna come out any moment. Like the unnatural fresh water parot fish, I find them creepily like looking at frankenstein.
  3. Bleeding Heart

    That's about as big the bristlenose get, give or take an inch.
  4. Planted Discus Tank

    Just to put my two cents in. I have a 50 Gal tank with 6 discus the oldest is 3 years old actually the first one I bought from the LFS. I have had Discus die on me but it wasn't really from sickness, it was more from bullying as I couldn't get my discus to the recommended 6 population fast enough. I had 3 for the longest time and of course, the 2 that mated picked on this poor one constantly and I had to seperate him from the pair. He lived all alone for a year to a year and half but because I really wanted to get 6 eventually, I put him back up to my main tank and the 2 started their bullying again. He was so stressed that he got sick and died. This also happened to 2 more discus as I was buying them one by one. I finally figured I'd get them to 6 as fast as I can which I did. Now I have 6 discus and they are doing well, eating well and bullying is low. I change water every week, when my tank first got started I'd do it twice a week. I do have a planted aquarium but as the other poster did mention some of my discus is showing stress bars but I don't think they are particularly not healthy. There will always be a runt among discus population specially if they are in a small number. One always gets picked on, I wish I had a bigger tank so I may add more discus but it's just not possible right now. Along with my 6 Discus I have 9 rummynose tetras, 7 black neons, 2 bristlenose plecos, 2 plecostimo catfish and 3 clown loaches. Oh and 1 flying fox. I had 5 Siamese algae eaters there before also but I noticed they were too high strung for my discus so I gave them away. The SAEs were also a bit of fin nippers as one of my discus have long fins that looks like worms when he's still. They were great for algae though, but they were always chasing each other around in the the tank, stressing the discus out. Also with clown loaches, love them, temperment is mild, eats anything that falls on the gravel but they dig up plants that the roots haven't gotten a good hold of yet. They eat snails though (my wife didn't like the snails) but they can pick up any small stone gravel with their mouth like a hand and deposit them to the side when they are digging up something they want to eat. I've almost given up trying to get a good carpet of grass gowing but I'll try again. Also read a lot of simply discus posts before I started my tank 3 years ago, they have good advice there.
  5. What Mixes Well With A Betta?

    I had Rummynose tetras with my Beta in my community tank. This included Discus, Cardinals, Black Neons and catfishes.
  6. Funny I'd stumble on this topic. I almost gassed my Discuses with my DIY CO2 injector last night.I had put a check valve on the line and left it at 1 drop per 5 seconds. Well a couple of hours later, it was a torrent! Good thing I checked up on them and found them all on the surface gasping for air. I turned off my CO2 then turned on the air pump right away. Thought I'd be loosing some of them but this morning they were all hungry and greeting me right away.
  7. Sicce Co2 Life Makes Your Water Murky

    Thanks, I sort of realized that to be the case even if the LFS has those ingredients in a neat package. I was told replace the ingredients after 2 months maybe 3?
  8. Sicce Co2 Life Makes Your Water Murky

    I didn't end up buying the SICCE, I'm doing DIY with the CO2. I see it is a bit of work as I have a corner 54 Gal. tank and I notice the pressure goes down on the gauge in the afternoon, but having said that, I notice immediate results with regards to the plants. I got 3 Discus, and 5 SAE, 3 clown loaches and tetras in the tank.
  9. LFS employee I asked about the SICCE CO2 Life said not to buy because it makes your water murky. The SICCE CO2 Life is a CO2 injector that is self contained. No external bottles, gauges attached to it. It's just the device on suction cups and inside is a carbon cartridge that dissolves according to a gauge you set it to. Has anyone bought this and used it? Any reviews would be appreciated.
  10. Annelid - Help

    Does anyone know of the best way to get rid of an Annelid in a freshwater tank? It must have gotten in by being eggs attached to plants. Wiki says they are worms, which includes leaches, earthworms and the like. I'm guessing what is in the tank is more like a leach as it's in freshwater. My concern is, wiki also says they are hermaphrodites and will reproduce by itself.
  11. My rule of thumb is if it will fit in it's mouth, it will be eaten. Frogs generally has a wide mouth.
  12. Ick Question

    I've noticed this also on my fishes but not like what you describe. its like little white spots then it dissapears in the morning. I was suspecting mine was just scratch marks when they bump or scrape against the rocks or decorations in the tank. Does yours go away after a water change?
  13. Plant Carpet For Discus Aquarium

    Any pictures you can send? I also don't use any C02 diffusers fyi.
  14. Hi, what's the best suggestion for a plant to carpet the gravel? I have a Discus community tank aquarium and was thinking of using Pennyworth for this purpose as I've heard it's low maintenance and can take the high temperature and low light.