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  1. I think some pieces of malaysian driftwood might work for you, just have to look for the right piece, I have this one that might work. Otherwise looking at something like cork bark or cork rounds might be better for flatter pieces.
  2. Malaysian Driftwood Edmonton

    Anyone know where to find a decent selection of malaysian driftwood in Edmonton? I went to Aquarium Central but they didn't seem to have any right now.
  3. Sandstone Edmonton

    Thanks I'll take a look there this weekend and see what they have.
  4. Sandstone Edmonton

    Anyone know where I could find some flat sandstone rock in Edmonton? I'm looking for smaller pieces 6" or smaller. Or if anyone has suggestions for a different type of rock that is available? Thanks
  5. Stainless Steel Mesh

    I'm looking for stainless steel mesh 20, anyone know where I could get some in Edmonton or order some online?
  6. This is more of an ongoing deal but if you sign up for PJ's Pets online newletter you get a $5 off coupon when you sign up and then they often send out coupons for different amounts. I've received $10 off a $50 purchase, 20% off entire purchase, and 40% off of one item up to $50 max. Its nice to use for water conditioner, filter media, etc. And they come on a fairly regular basis, every month or so.
  7. Table - Will It Hold Up?

    I have a 20 gallon long and I had it on something similar to that table. I'd try it but keep an eye out for any bowing in the table. The biggest thing I'd be worried about is the legs starting to come loose after awhile and the table getting wobbly instead of just breaking.
  8. Another From Edmonton

    Hi I just stumbled across this site after looking online for some info on fish and equipment in Edmonton and Canada. After looking around this looks like a great place to share information and ideas. I had a 10 gallon tank quite a while ago before I went off to school but couldn't keep up with it. After finishing school I recently got a new 20 gallon long with a few different plants, a dwarf gourami, some rasbora brigittae, and a few galaxy rasbora. Can't wait to talk and share with everyone here.