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    A big fish interest here. I have currently 51 tanks set up. mostly cichlid , but alot of other fresh(brackish)fish as well.This is my third go round with tanks. I gave them up completely a couple of times, but I'm back!

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  1. Elec Blue Convicts

    Yes it is hard to tell what they are if people buy them as elec blue convicts let them
  2. Elec Blue Convicts

    yes here is the ad , as i cant send pics here http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1079870117 if your curious too ;0
  3. Elec Blue Convicts

    Is it possible convicts and elec blue one is an egg bearer and the other is a mouth brooder ? there is an ad in kijiji for some :flex:
  4. I would check with aquarium central
  5. Pagoda Snail

    I found out they are a nerite snail so no worries of them breeding in my tanks actually i wish they would
  6. Marimo Ball Worms

    Thank you all Very informative!
  7. Breeding Farlowella Gracilis

    Gettin to be an expert now. I'll have to see them sunday
  8. Because I Love To Share My Obsession

    Yes looks good I have about a dozen different species
  9. Breeding Rineloricaria Parva

    Looks like you have another good pair there!
  10. Wow Fish In A Jar..lol

    guess one needs a bigger jar Would be interesting indeed
  11. Check these guys out http://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-pets/calgary/magic-fish-kits/1031171567?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  12. Loss Of Power Please Read

    Thank you 'Talked to enmax, but they just don,t give a damn
  13. Loss Of Power Please Read

    Thank you I am going for no food past tonite, clean water in the needy tanks tomorrow night. At least my population is down some. I had a cpl of heaters good aray and ...boiled the fish... :grr: it was sad.
  14. Loss Of Power

    Yes Thanks All I will get ahold of them and tell them they need a solution. And be polite despite our last encounter ! I can,t and won't be home. After I drain mt water tank it,s three quarters of an hour until I have more hot water, but that would be if our water heater wasn,t fired by electricity. We had a problem before with enmax too ! They applied our power bill money to the wrong account, when my wife got home there were well over 300 fish gone. They admitted they flubbed up, but no compensation offered. We got an "oops sorry"