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  1. Hello

    Hello and welcome to AA.
  2. Hello! I am Back Again!

    Hello and welcome to AA. Yes, there are a number of africian cichlid enthusiasts here.
  3. are you in Calgary? 

    if not can you ship it.

    please let me know.


  4. New and addicted, suffering from MTS. :D

    Hello and welcome to AA.
  5. sectional ponds?

    There have been pond builds for 100's of gallons using wood and pond liner.
  6. Hello

    Hello and welcome to AA.
  7. Lighting suggestion for 10g

    golden acre i was told will always carry t5 bulbs https://www.goldenacre.ca/shop-all-departments/indoor-gardening/lighting-reflection/sunblaster-replacement-lamp-6400k-18-inch/ sunnyside beside COP typically had the t5 fixtures
  8. Hello!

    Hello and welcome to AA.
  9. Lighting suggestion for 10g

    I"m a huge fan of the Sunblaster t5ho lights. When making a choice for something I always consider the ease to find and cost of replacement bulbs. Sunblaster 17 watts Fluval 13 watts so there is a bit of a difference in that as well. The Fluval is more compact than the Sunblaster.
  10. Ficus leaves

    http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/poison/ficus/ Other things are better than this. Almond leaves kick butt. I guess I should also say, yes these would be dried...might not have much sap and fish are not a horse or a dog or a cat. Point being compounds in this species are toxic to some living creatures therefore for me I would not use for any type of living creature.
  11. Hot Power Supply

    Since it is brand new, phone the manufacturer themselves and state your concern. Might very well ship out a new adapter to you.
  12. Hot Power Supply

    A warm adapter is okay as that is what happens however a hot adapter or WARM CABLES are never good. Could be a bad adapter or something not rated correctly to the fixture. Is this brand new store bought or something you got used? If there are cables around water always position the cables so there is a 'drip loop' before they plug into the wall or powerbar. The water will not follow the wire right into the outlet but rather drip off from that point. You can also go down to the main electrical panel and feel to the touch if that rooms breaker is warm or not. Warm breaker = overloaded.
  13. The dewormer I hear is the best. from reports I've read it does not affect the cycle/inverts/fish/plant.
  14. http://www.planetinverts.com/killing_planaria_and_hydra.html Give that a read, good advice in there.
  15. Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome to aa.