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  1. Hello and welcome to AA.
  2. Hello and welcome to AA.
  3. Hello and welcome to AA. Good looking tank.
  4. I'd be very cautious. From last I read there are flame retardant chemicals in some.
  5. Hello and welcome to AA.
  6. Hello and welcome to AA. Any sort of fast growing plant can provide a food source. Duckweed type plants, many hygrophila, many bacopa can all grow with great speed.
  7. Double check the issue exists for you with a different internet browser as well. With as many browsers out there, each has their own abnormalities that unfortunately appear over night.
  8. Hello and welcome to AA.
  9. was from bigals at their boxing day sales...sorry to say.
  10. Make an account at There are some local people however very very good for advice. The best for SW stuff is kijiji right now.
  11. Depends upon time of year it seems as well...but yes seems slower than typical.
  12. Hello and welcome to AA. Did the aquascaping thing as well...i guess in general plants are just more my game than fish.
  13. Hello and welcome to AA.
  14. LOL. Mate, this info is years and years and years old. This ain't my tweak or info. At the time that person who created this hack, this info was all the rage and very popular. TImes change, peoples attitude change but information is always information. A couple years back this info was specifically requested by another member, I spent my OWN time tracking things down for them...searched...contacted the author, asked for permission to repost and put this post together. How I roll is to give info to people, if people don't like it that is their business. Free country I tho.