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  1. Planted tanks

    I too would love some healthy Otto's. Out of the dozens I have bought over the years I have lucked out with very few that live more than a few weeks & it sucks b/c they are awesome cleaners! Right now I have 1 lonely guy in my 30gal....
  2. Hello From Calgary.

    Welcome! & if you need more molly's, I'm overrun at the moment!
  3. My New Tank Adventure

    It looks alot different now! LOL
  4. My New Tank Adventure

    It's coming, had some hiccups but am learning. I have some beautiful coral frags & some nice sized ones that I couldn't pass up.
  5. Betta's And What Other Breeds?

    I have always had schools of Cory's (Julii & hasbrosus), harlequin & scissortail rasbora's & neon tetra's, also clown pleco's, Spixi & mystery snails as well as African Dwarf Frogs with my betta's.
  6. My New Tank Adventure

    Got some new live rock & sand from a member looking to do something different for a bit. So as soon as the dust settles I have I would say a full tank of LR now along with a nice deep bed of sand full of multi year yummy build up! So excited in how fast my build slow on a budget is coming together b/c of awesome help from fellow reefers! Thanx everyone for helping make my dream come true. I assure you the time you put in to giving me your time & sharing your experiences is very much appreciated! There is a huge file of notes on my laptop & of course some info conflicts but that's OK I love reading & I was ready for a new challenge!
  7. Hello From Leduc

    Welcome! One day I will have a big over 100GAL tank.... Good luck with your upgrade!!!!
  8. My New Tank Adventure

    The crab was just on the stocking wish list b/c the kids saw one in a display tank at Big Al's & said will we be able to eventually have one!
  9. Thinking About Starting A Reef Tank

    Oh I didn't realize it was a year old LOL oops. There was lots of poor reviews on the old style Prizm skimmer but the new one which just came out this year rocks!
  10. My New Tank Adventure

    Ryan, yes the Mandarin is only on my list if I can find a 'homebred-raised on frozen cubes/pellets' & it's well down on my list as well b/c I don't have enough rock yet! Thanx for the tip about the starfish & the shrimp they are off the list then!!!! I want my Corals & would rather have the crab than shrimp! I will check out the rock person suggested I have a very specific look in mind with my coral 'design'. What Can I say it's the woman in me LOL
  11. Starting A Reef

    Right now I am only running 1 Maxi-jet 400 in my 40gal b/c I have 2 baby clownfish who there is no way could handle strong flow coming at them from all directions. We have it set up to circulate in different directions but the flow is not harsh.
  12. My New Tank Adventure

    Thanx jvision! my goal is a solid wall in the back but can only afford to build slow. When I can get more I will move the center cave forward & hopefully not P.o. the Feather duster (will move him too as he really seems to like right infront of this cave).
  13. My New Tank Adventure

    so I too am finally taking my own plunge into SW side of things. I've had FW for so long & always wanted to put together a SW. Well this Christmas my husband told me to go for it. He said I've researched off & on for so many years & always said "no it's not the right time". it is a 38 or a 40 gal I'm not sure. it's inbetween the measurements for both "standard" sizes. Running with Aqueon Modular LED lighting, Marineland Maxi-Jet 400 circulation pump, RedSea Prizm Deluxe Protein Skimmer, Eheim Jaeger TruTemp 100W heater, 15lbs Caribbean Aragonite & 20lbs Caribbean sand, & approx 25lbs of live rock. Thanx to Big Al's Boxing Day Sale; I have jumped a bit ahead of myself in stocking but I am watching my water parameters very closely & am doing water changes as needed to keep parameters ok. 1 Margarita Snail, 2 BumbleBee snails, 1 Yellow Watchman Goby, 1 red feather Duster & then a black & a common Ocellaris Clownfish pair. I have bought some coral frags privately off kijiji; Green Star Paly, Rainbow Montipora, Red Sea Fan, Orange Crush Mushroom, Captain America Paly & then I also got a Rose Bubble Tip Anemone I am hoping to cover my live rock with coral's of all sorts, so if there's anyone in the Airdrie/Calgary area who want to help me out LOL as you can see by the photo I attached I have a pretty bare tank! My fish stocking wish list includes: Asterina starfish, Lawnmower Blenny, Pistol shrimp (I know they usually buddy up with watchman goby's), Candy Striped hermit crab, blue sapphire damsel, 6line wrasse, Royal Gamma Basslet & maybe a Mandarin Dragonet (but I know they are very hard to feed so I'm not sure. So ya those guys along with the snails, Watchman goby & 2 clownfish I already have I think my tank would be just perfect once my reef is mature
  14. Thinking About Starting A Reef Tank

    I am setting up my 1st SW tank right now (going on running for 3wks now) it's a 40gal. Seriously check out the RedSea Prizm Deluxe HOB Protein Skimmer I wasn't going to run one, but then I got it on Boxing Day Sale at Big Als. I LOVE IT. it's is no less "obnoxious looking" as any FW filter, & actually the sound of it working is way more "soothing" sounding than many relaxation music compelations. infact the other night I was feeling so stressed out that I came down here & just shut my eyes & listened to it running for a bit!
  15. Hello From Calgary - Peacocks & Haps

    Hi from an Airdrie neighbor!