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    Clown Loaches are my obsession. I have 30 of them. 2" to 10".

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  1. Sudden Interest In Panda Loaches

    I have some. I picked them up through one of the Ebiken group orders a while back. Gentle and curious fish. Mine like to be together. I have had them for a few months and they seem rather hardy. They are in with a bunch of various types of Cory cats. I had planned to keep them in a shrimp tank - but they seem happy where they are so I left them there. I paid $15 each for them although not long ago I saw them for $50 to $60 a piece.
  2. Bloody Mary Neos

    After looking a bit closer I think I see babies ( and berries ) in the second picture.
  3. Bloody Mary Neos

    Very nice Ron. They are on my wish list. Any babies yet?
  4. Keeping Discus? Pairs Vs Groups

    I keep mine in a group. They seem happy that way. They do pair up and lay eggs quite often. Not as difficult to keep as I once believed as long as you keep them nice and warm with lots of water changes. I keep cardinal and rummy nose tetras with mine. I think a general rule is 10 gallons per discus. 5 in a 65 gallon would be about right.
  5. New Shrimp For Christmas

    The shrimp are awesome Ron. Thanks so much. Please let me know what you have in mind re: other stuff. Good luck with your new marine tank.
  6. New Shrimp For Christmas

    Great way to end the year. I picked up my new shrimp from a fellow AA member yesterday and they look awesome. Spent the last number of weeks picking up a few supplies, cycling tanks, checking water parameters and making arrangements to get my new shrimp. Everything looks good and now the shrimp are happy in their new homes. I picked up some beautiful Orange Eye Blue Tigers. First time trying anything other than Neocaridina. Hopefully I can keep my tank stable and clean enough for them. One day soon I hope to see babies. Fingers crossed. Next come the Blue Diamond / Blue Angels. Very nice shrimp. Very active. Nice dark blue Neos. And finally - Blue Rili.
  7. Red Cherry Shrimp - How To Get Started

    Thanks ShrimpChick. How long does the Fluval Shrimp Soil last? Can you just leave it forever? I really like the panda loaches. Cute little guys for sure. I am getting quite addicted to the whole shrimp scene. They are fascinating. I started with neos from the previous Ebiken group order. Thanks to Ron. Picked up some Red Cherries, Pumpkins and Blue Velvets. The Reds were youngsters. I lost a few, but the rest are active, always going about their shrimply duties. Hope to have babies soon. The Pumpkins are great. Had babies within a week. I think there are about 15 babies so far - maybe more. They are in a 10 gallon right now, but I may give them more space as the colony grows. My Blue Velvets had a rough start. Twice I had heaters fail within two weeks. First time the heater just quit so they got really cold. Replacement heater tried to cook them. Out of 10 I only can find 3 or 4. Only saw one dead one... So maybe they are just hiding really well. Still hoping to get these established, growing and multiplying. As soon as the tanks are ready ( cycling now ) I am getting some Blue Rili, Blue Angels and some Orange Eye Blue Tigers. So excited.
  8. Water Capacity

    740 gallons plus a 180 gallon sump. 10 tanks running. A couple spares in the garage unaccounted for. Smallest is a 10 gallon shrimp tank. Biggest is 500 gallons - a clown loach community.
  9. Red Cherry Shrimp - How To Get Started

    Thanks for the info everyone. I think my new shrimp will be here next weekend. Can't wait to get started. So far I have everything that is suggested - plants - food - no fish. Vacuuming tip is helpful too. Would it be better to have gravel, sand or bare bottom? The tank presently has gravel. Any experience with Panda Loaches and shrimp?
  10. Red Cherry Shrimp - How To Get Started

    Sounds easy enough. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I am preparing to start a tank dedicated to Red Cherry Shrimp. After much research and reading I am still not exactly sure how to get started. If anyone can help - that would be great. Tank size. Food requirements. Substrate. Temperature. Best / favorite plants. Breeding tips. General tips of any kind. Anything else I should be thinking of. Thanks! Darryl
  12. How Popular Are Clown Loaches In Alberta?

    I have 25 in a 500 gallon tank. They are one of my favorite fish. They range anywhere from 5 inch to 10 plus inches. My oldest one is about 16 years old. They are in a community with a fire eel, some geophagus altifrons, blackberry silver dollars and a few L330 Watermelon plecos. The more you have the happier they appear.
  13. Hello All

    They are coming along nicely. The big guy still wants to hide... But he is getting braver every day. We'll have to do another import some day.
  14. Hello All

    Hello and welcome. I am new here too.
  15. Clown Loach Tank Mates

    Thanks for the replies. I am presently running 180 gallons with 19 clown loaches. The biggest one is about 9 inches. He is older than 15 years now. The smallest are 2 inches. I also have an anostomus and a fire eel. The fire eel is about 3 years and growing. Does anyone have experience with older/larger fire eels? Will it become a problem with the clown loaches? Thanks