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  1. Lots of great info here guys. I do 50% weekly on my more established tank. I just started a new tank with ada aquasoil, so the frequency of WC's would scare some (every day for 1 week, every 2nd day for next week, then 2x a week for the next 2 weeks).
  2. I've seen a video on youtube of Amano doing this same method. He chopped up some moss (not sure of species) and rubbed it on some black lava rock before filling. You definitely need something porous for it to attach too. I think you should expect some of it to float off.
  3. Best Place To Purchase Shrimp (Calgary)

    Canadian aquatics ships shrimp from BC. Price starts around $20 for next day shipping. I second Pisces and Riverfront for local though. Last time I was at Riverfront, I saw some crystal reds, but that was a few weeks ago.