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  1. Alder Cones

    has anti-fungal properties from what i read.
  2. Alder Cones

    is this the black alder tree that is native to Alberta?
  3. Alder Cones

    its the season for harvesting these for the shrimp tanks, anybody know the areas that r pesticide free?
  4. Hello

    Thanx for the info, went to see Aquarium Central, good selections of shrimps, but in the end its all about the money. I've had it really good in toronto with the prices from the local breeders. A-S grade crs/cbs is $3 each or 10 for $25, S+, SS only couple dollars more. Here i've noticed that the stores dont separate the crs/cbs based on the grades.
  5. Shrimp- Barebottom Or Substrate

    Most of the neo shrimps can adapt to any water parameter and for those u dont need a substrate, but for higher end shrimps that are ph sensitive then i would definitely use a substrate that will lower or raise the ph depending on the specie. I had crs/cbs tanks and i have used the Fluval Shrimp substrate and found that it lost its ph buffering ability in about a year time. Note it depends on how much tap water is being used for every water change. I am currently looking for Akadama substrate, apparently have good reviews so far.
  6. Local Breeders In Edmonton

    Have anyone started a list of shrimp breeders for Edmonton? Chime in with what type of shrimps you are currently breeding and water parameters. Been hearing that Edmonton is a very dificult place to breed crs/cbs due to heavy metals, is that true? I have looked up the Epcor water quality report and as im not a chemist but the numbers they report seems very insignificant. Can anyone elaborate on whether the amount of copper reported by Epcor will kill the shrimps.
  7. Hello

    Hello to all just moved from Toronto and left behind 5 tanks of shrimps (crs, cbs, pfr, oebt, and yellows), and one 90g tank of clown loaches. Hoping to start up new tanks here along with finding new shrimp breeders in edmonton.