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  1. If your interested in Gertrudaes , I have some for sale /  I can sell you a trio for 25$ or a pair for 15$    780-906-4052 


  2. Cabomba

    Nice. Looks great.
  3. Your Tanks

    After 4 months
  4. Aquascaping Advice

    For Myriophyllum i would spread them behind the red. Should be a background plant cause they grow like weeds. For rotala wallachii i would put them in the middle where your red and yellow plant. Remove some yellow plants from the left so u have room for rotala. And place some rocks or wood in front of it. And for the red plant place them on the right side where it looks empty. For your carpet plants. I would use only one kind. I would go with hair grass.
  5. Celestial Pearl Danios (Galaxy Rasboras)

    I have some for sale if u are interested
  6. Ada 120P Build

    Ah. Ok. Make sense now. Keep us posted.
  7. Ada 120P Build

    Nice tank, but hope ur diffuser is enough for ur tank.
  8. Fertilizer Dosing Calculators

    Site is back up. http://yanc.rotalabutterfly.com
  9. Fertilizer Dosing Calculators

    Oh no. Sad to hear.
  10. Fertilizer Dosing Calculators

    Yet Another Nutrient Calculator http://calc.petalphile.com (version shown in picture below) http://tinycalc.petalphile.com (small graph version) no longer working
  11. Ferts Calculator

    Is the any sites similar to http://calc.petalphile.com?This site is no longer working. Thanks.
  12. Your Tanks

    ADA 90p
  13. Ada 120P Build

    Wow. Expensive.
  14. The New Ada Setup

    Very nice Blake. Love your set up.
  15. Ehem 2215 On 50G?

    Thanks jason