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  1. A.C.E. Spring Auction 2017

    Yes I am C107 in CAS
  2. A.C.E. Spring Auction 2017

    Can I send some fish to the auction? Cories, apistos, micro fish (Rasbora axelrodi - green/blue, galaxies, somphong) and plecos?
  3. Planted tanks

    I have zebras and common otocinculus (cocama and vittatus). They seem to be doing well after a month. 4 out of the 100 died so far but none of the zebras have croaked yet. I do treat with metro for 4-5 days though.
  4. Planted tanks

    I cant tell at all and if that poor guy makes it that will be a miracle so comparing a healthy fish coloration to one that is dying is not going to help. The sideview is best to compare the patterns.
  5. Planted tanks

    Sorry you are correct - these are vittatus! I don't get the affinis in much! I rarely see the vestitus as they are from Peru but have a deeper black band running down the center of the body. Locality of collection is the sure way but if the only way to tell them is an electron microscope then it could be a while for me to confirm this!
  6. Planted tanks

    Ill send an updated photo tomorrow as I put in 30 Otocinclus vittatus!
  7. Planted tanks

    Here is my 240g tank at my office with wild discus, rummynose- 100, cardinals - 100, buenos airies tetras- 30, red spotted Guyana angels - 15, Tefe Green discus - 5-5.5"- 4, Semi Royal Brazil Cupeira Discus - 4.5"-2 and apistos. Red shadows are the office lights above the tank.
  8. I am in the SE - McKenzie Lake area - if the fish are still available.

    You can text me at 4035405701

    I can pick them up this afternoon if you want them to go quickly. 

    1. kelseylynn


      Ah - just saw this now. I'll send you a text tomorrow and we can work out a time :)

    2. cjerrom


      Okay I am at 4035405701


  9. Need Sa Stock Suggestions For A 120G

    C. regani is a nice dwarf pike that does not destroy tanks although they can chase down cardinals and rummynose! Just speaking from experience. If you want to go to the medium size pikes - Red Pikes or Zebrinas are some of the most colorful!
  10. What sizes? How many? Small sizes under 16cm are very hard to come by but anything over that is not difficult. In order to sex the L14 you'll need fish in the 24-27cm range.
  11. Anyone ever use this product with good reviews! I am looking at the reviews and it seems positive enough to try a system and see how it works. It is supposed to be an amazing alert system but still does not take the place of maintenance but it will alert you to a potential disaster with regards to ammonia, NH3, temp, and pH spikes/changes! UK product and it is sold in Canada/USA at a few local pet shops and online. Just never heard of it until lately when reviewing a post on Canadapleco for Satellites latest LED lighting system led me to it. www.seneye.com
  12. Issue With Serps

    God bless the IT people or we'd be in a whole lot of trouble!!
  13. Ok the only apistogramma I have right now are: Red tail veijeta - 3m/2f apsito panduro- 2m/2f apisto agassizi dbl red - 5m/5f apisto opal (blue borelli)- 4m/4f Pelvichromis silvae- 2m/1f Just need to change my setup so I'll be selling these now as I get a new setup built.
  14. Cas Fall Auction October 2

    Cories were the big sellers this auction - missed Paul B. though! Fred's killies are amazing as an FYI!
  15. Moved To Bc

    BC aquaria- if you want fancy Plecos look for Mike Tse or Ben Lui in Vancouver