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  1. Ehime Pro 3 Leakeing

    I had a similar problem with my Pro 3. The whole lid would fill up with water and leak out the power cord hose. I emailed Ehiem with my info and serial # and they sent a whole new lid/motor. It was really easy to contact them and they write back right away. Just asked for the # on my canister and said they'd send a new one. Here is the thread I made when it happened http://albertaaquatica.com/index.php?showtopic=39290&hl=
  2. Red Cherry Shrimp - How To Get Started

    Any of the Neocaridina shrimp(red, green, yellow, orange, blue, rili shrimp) are easy to take care of in our water. They are all just variations on the same species Neocaridina heteropoda. Good luck!
  3. Red Cherry Shrimp - How To Get Started

    Buy a few shrimp and add water :P They are super easy When I first started with cherries I got 10 and and put them in a 10g barebottom with a small HOB filter. I didn't even use a heater. They started to breed right away and in a couple months I had tons. I just feed them NLS pellets or the off algae waffer. You can setup the tank pretty much any way you want as they arent picky. Just don't add any fish that are big enough to eat them. Right now I keep my painted red shrimp in with assassin snails and endlers.
  4. Mystery Snails And Shrimp

    Really? I have like 15 assassin snails and I've never had any issues with my shrimp, they even breed like crazy and the babies seem to do ok. I've had them in with cherries, orange, amano, and greens before. Did you actually see them catch and eat a live shrimp or just eating dead ones?
  5. Mystery Snails And Shrimp

    Should be good. I've had other snails(Assassin, rabbit, MTS) in with my shrimp and they were fine.
  6. Today Is A Sad Day :(

  7. Ace Auction Countdown

    I picked up some Endlers(one had babies in the bag so there is a ton), Jason's water sprite and a bag of water lettuce for a buck. Spent 8$ total :thumbs: It seemed everything was going super cheap.
  8. Ace Auction Countdown

    Excellent! The only thing I was looking to buy is water sprite
  9. Pwc - How Do You Do It?

    I also use a python but I drain it into my shower and use it to fill.
  10. Best Food For Flower Shrimp?

    I use a small mortar and pestle too. Takes 2 seconds to grind up pellets. I've used it to grind up NLS pellets, algae wafers and flakes. With flakes you can even just squish them up into a powder using your fingers. Ground up food goes a long way so you don't need to make huge batches in a blender or anything. I prefer the mortar and pestle over the pepper grinder way. The pepper grinder doesn't make a powder, just smaller chunks of pellet.
  11. Best Food For Flower Shrimp?

    When I used to have one I just ground up NLS pellets until it was a powder. Then I added a few drops of water to some crushed NLS and sucked it into a pipette. I found the pipette was easier and used less food. I was able to squirt it right at the shrimp to make sure he got some. Better then just adding a bunch to the water column. I also fed cyclops and ground up any flakes or whatever food I had lying around. You just need to make sure its ground up enough, my guy didn't like the large food chunks.
  12. Shrimp Painting

    LOL, you would need some tiny brushes to paint actual shrimp
  13. Shrimp Painting

    She does sell some of her paintings at a few small art markets like Art Walk etc, or a few are up at local restaurants. She actually just setup a website that sells some prints of her paintings, including my shrimp one. So far there is just a couple up though http://society6.com/RexifistArt She also gave me a print of the Lizard which is my favorite No, I just moved into an apartment so the fishroom has been downsized to 2x20g So its hanging in my front entry instead
  14. Shrimp Painting

    I thought I would share a painting my friend made me for my birthday. Everyone at my party thought it was a weird present. They couldn't understand why anyone would want a shrimp painting. I figured you guys would understand.
  15. I have this issue too and a couple years ago I emailed Ebo jager to ask them about it. They said thats normal and that there is a bit of oil inside the heaters that can look like water condensation but is perfectly safe.