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  1. Auction November 6

    Great auction Edmonton. I ussually attend and even brought a fish buddy. Said that the auction was very good too. Came home with lots of goodies. Hats off to the members and crew. P.S. Now how about a show next year? LOL James
  2. Cas Fall Auction October 2

    Yes....I have the time off to make the Calgary Giant Auction. Now the next thing to think about..... what should I bring? LOL Its going to be great to see you all again.
  3. Ace Auction

    Has ACE a date for the fall giant auction? Just wanting to book holidays in advance. Regina Aquarium Society's Giant Fall Auction is on October 16th/. Hope its not conflicting. James
  4. Cas Fall Auction October 2

    Hope I am off. Would like to attend the Giant Calgary Auction. Will try and make plans to be there. I missed the spring auction.
  5. Was wondering if there is a time yet for the guest speaker (Anton Lamboj)? I am from out of town and hoping to make an appearance. It means I either come Friday/ or Saturday. Thanks James.
  6. I click on the site and it takes me to godaddy.....how does one find the shrimp site?
  7. Fall Auction?

    We are planning to attend the Edmonton Auction.....just the last part of my holidays.
  8. R.A.S. is having their giant fall auction on October 20th 2013 at the Northeast Community Centre, 160 Broad Street, behind Imperial School. Regina Saskatchewan. Quill :flex:
  9. R.A.S. will be holding their Giant Fall Auction on October 20th 2013. It will be held at the Northeast Community Centre, 160 Broad Street, behind the Imperial School. Regina Saskatchewan. Hope some of you can make it. Quill :flex:
  10. What Is Your Dream Tank Or Set Up?

    My dream tank would be a wall unit filled with Discus....one of my favorite fish. Maybe even divided so I could keep discus on one side and Angelfish on the other. I definately wouldn't want the two together.....I learnt that lesson. Quill
  11. Glossolepis Multisquamata - Pagai Village

    Hi Rainbowric. This is James and Paul from Regina. I would be interested in getting some of the Dorityi. I had some hatch from the eggs I bought from Gary, All females but one runted mis-shaped male and I don't want to breed them because of it. I'll let you know the next time we make a trip to Calgary. Hopefully in a couple months time. James and Paul. P.S. Anything new and exciting I would be interested in too.....LOL My chilatharina aleni are doing great and breeding, as are my Melanotania SP."Blue Hole/BONGA"
  12. Sick Plecostomus

    This doesn't look like your fish was infected with anything....it looks like strike marks from the piranhas. Why you had a chocolate plec with piranhas should be the topic? As I am looking through the forum I see alot of teaching needs to be done about tank mates and fish that go together. :cry: Quill