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  1. Lol I PMed Rudy and Rudy is not Rudy
  2. Jvision, do you know his username?
  3. Hey all, I have not been on here for some time. I moved from Wainwright to Trenton On, not by choice I might add lol. I am in town visiting my parents and I now have a store out in Trenton I was hoping to get hold of Rudy at Aquatic plants unlimited but all the numbers I come across online are not in service. If anyone had contact with home can you please send me a PM or pass my email on to him it is brads.fishroom@gmail.com. I will be here for another week and O was hoping to bring some plants home with me and save on shipping lol. Mods I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot I have not been on here for 4 years or so, so feel free to move it for me.
  4. Hmmm moving

    Ok, so the fish are up for sale, fale safe I am going to call the LFS in Wainwright and see if I can trade them for a crate for the dog. Now I am going to have to do a fish order, maybe I can get moere tanks set up :smokey:
  5. Hmmm moving

    Well after a year or two of threatening I am finally moving my family out to Ontario I am down to only a few fish now ( thanks to a huge crash :cuss: ). Now I am trying to plan how to get the fish out to Ontario. I am required to take 7 Days to drive out here from Wainwright. So I see these three options, 1) sell my fish and get new ones in Ontario, don't like this that much because I need to go to Toronto to find anything cool. 2) Bag up the fish bring them in coolers and have a rubber mad tub to let them swill free ever night, or get a water storage tank and bring them on a trailer. or, 3) board them some with some one who can send them to me UPS over night or airport to airport. So what do you guys think, I know I have 2 L205, 2 clown loaches, about 9 Columbian tetras, and about 10 other misc fish, all small fish the largest is about 4". If someone is willing to board the fish or pay me say $150 for the whole lot PM me, I need to do something by Aug 4 since that is the day before the movers come to pack.
  6. Is it weird when you are looking for tanks before you get a new house? I saw a 500 gallon for $500 and was thinking about where I could keep it until my family moves out. Or how about draging 65 tank and one pond across the county? Ok I might be a little crazy :ph43r: :bang1: -roll-
  7. 2200 gal Ray tank build

    Wow looks great. Did you use tiles to finish the inside? Did you seal the tiles with any thing?
  8. Cleaning a Dirty 'ol Tank

    I almost always use viniger water and a scour pad. I have tryed a razor in the past but I find the vinger works best then I use the razor on the tough spots.
  9. I like the bio towers made out of rubbermaid drawers and a tank or rubbermaid bin as a sump. I saw one on here, and there are lots on monster fish keepers
  10. There are very few LFS that take in Fish and give you money, Big al's and PJs will gladly take you fish and sell them for regular price. If you want to sell the I would try and call Natures Corner or Aquarium Illusions, I beleave they pay for fish.
  11. Skippy's Pond Bio Fliter

    Try some where like here, http://www.swishclean.com black pads, http://www.swishclean.com red pads, http://www.swishclean.com blue/green pads.
  12. Skippy's Pond Bio Fliter

    the thick black floor scubers would work good, better then the green IMO beacuse the grees will be more mechanical them bio
  13. Multiple Tank Syndrome

    I've been told I can bring home more tanks if I want, for ever tank I bring home I need to get rid of 10. so if I bring home a 2000 gallon tank can get rid of the 10 betta bowls I have :smokey:
  14. Cichlids with Piranhas

    How big is you tank? If you have some good hardscape braking up the tank it might be able get away with this, but if the cichlids try to breed it will most likly be bad for your piranhas.
  15. Is this true?

    I was reading an article about the elusive black betta, it was saying that black bettas are line bred from dark blue bettas. There are almost no full back bettas they all have some blue, you just breed it out of them for some reason. I will try and find where I saw this for you.