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  1. Hello From Montreal!

    I thought I would drop in and say HELLO!!!! I miss all of you guys and my fish! I miss the auctions and A.A.! I miss Riverfront (if it is still open) Pisces! All my fishy friends....the ones I had and the ones I lost. If you recall, my name (well, real name) is Wendy I am on the other side of Canada now (Quebec!) and missed everyone... From all the fishies and aquariums I had....I am now down to 2 bettas and Baensch encyclopedia..... I miss everyone....I truly miss the CAS auctions. Getting stuck with ugly aquarium ornaments at top $$$$. I hope everyone is well, happy and healthy! Especially everyones fishies. Hugs and kisses Wendy
  2. Shrimps are a breed'n!

    Oh those are so cool!
  3. Merry Christmas to Me

    Beautiful fish! Love the color.
  4. Stowaway

    COOL! Jorg is taking a walk on the salty side!
  5. Apistogramma's

    AWESOME! They are sure nice apistos. Good luck with them! If you do get babies, keep me in mind, I would love some!
  6. Apistogramma's

    Down the first aisle, on the back wall near, across from the live rock. Top row of tanks.
  7. Apistogramma's

    They have some gold vejita (sp?) at riverfront! BEAUTIFUL!
  8. Parachromis friedrichsthalli

    WOWSERS! They really grew up! Holy cow!
  9. My Tanganyikan Tank just got some TEETH!

    Very nice fishes! Love the calvus!
  10. Limnotilapia dardenni

    AWESOME! Very cool pictures!
  11. R.I.P.

    Sorry to hear about that. That really sucks...
  12. Baby boas!

    I don't know much about snakes but wow what a load! CONGRATS!
  13. Cyprichromis Utinta

    VERY COOL PICTURES! From egg to seeing an eye, so cool. I wish you the best of luck with them!
  14. Pics

    Beautiful apistos! Love Brutus too!